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Get up to 35% Off With The Summer Sale. Ends Soon! Blog
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Hello Listener,

Either you’ve waited all year for this… Or you’ve just popped into FilipinoPod101 and are wondering what in the world is going on.

The biggest and best Filipino learning deals and discounts of 2014 start today!

Serious about mastering Filipino in 2014? Join the Holiday Countdown as we count down the holiday season with 10 days of the 10 BIGGEST deals on Filipino Apps, Audiobooks, Software Subscriptions and much much more.

The Big Holiday Countdown starts today, December 8th, until Friday, December 19th, 2014. Here are a few crucial things you must know in order to snag some amazing Filipino learning gifts before they’re gone forever:

  • There are 10 deals total. One for each day of the Countdown.
  • Each deal lasts only 24 hours! Move fast before it’s gone forever!
  • Each day’s deal expires at midnight (EST) SHARP and a new one takes over.
  • You won’t know what the next deal is until it arrives. Will there be a better discount? Should you grab it? Should you wait? We don’t know!
  • These are the biggest discounts of 2014 (Up to 55% OFF!). Simply put, these Holiday-only discounts are too big for us to keep. You’ll never see them again.

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How big are these discounts? Well… here’s today’s to give you an idea.

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Happy Holidays,

Team FilipinoPod101

P.S. The Big Holiday Countdown starts today! That’s 10 Days filled with 10 Must-Have Deals on Apps, Audiobooks, Software, Subscriptions and more! Want to get serious about your Filipino in 2014?

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