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Perfect your Filipino pronunciation with the New & Improved Voice Recorder. Here’s how…

Hi there listener,

You’re regularly exposed to Filipino speakers and conversations in FilipinoPod101 lessons. But do you actively practice pronunciation and the proper accent?

If not, now’s the time to start. How would you do it?

Simply listening and repeating Filipino speakers isn’t enough. You need to hear how you actually sound as opposed to how you think you sound .

So, naturally, recording and comparing yourself is one of the best ways of knowing how close your Filipino is to native Filipino.

In fact, you can start doing this with your Filipino lessons at FilipinoPod101.

We’ve upgraded & re-added the Voice Recording Tool into your lesson pages. If you’re a Premium member, you’ll find the Voice Recorder in the Line-by-Line Audio under “Lesson Materials.”

For each and every FilipinoPod101 lesson, you can use the Voice Recording Tool in conjunction with the Line-by-Line Audio to…

  • Listen to the conversation, line by line, and hear the native speakers’ version
  • Record yourself after hearing the native speaker
  • Playback your version to hear your Filipino pronunciation and compare
  • BONUS: Playback both (the Filipino version and yours) simultaneously to hear how close you are

  • (sample screenshot taken from

    To Access The Voice Recorder, visit any lesson and click on (2) Lesson Materials. In the Line-by-Line Audio Tab, you’ll see a microphone by each individual line of the conversation.

    (sample screenshot taken from

    Click on the microphone icon to load the Voice Recorder for that specific line to hear the native speaker. Then, press the record button to record yourself. Once you’re done, you can either listen to the Filipino version, then your version to compare, OR play both simultaneously to see just how close you are to the native speaker.

    So, listeners, test this feature out and let us know what you think! For all bugs, errors and suggestions, please shoot us an email at

    For iOS Users: Please note that the Voice Recording Tool requires Flash to work. However, we are working on a non-flash (HTML5) version of the Voice Recording Tool. Stay tuned for future updates.

    Note: You’ll need to be a Premium member to access the entire FilipinoPod101 learning system as well as features like the Line by Line and Voice recorder.

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    To your fluency,
    Team FilipinoPod101