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Monday at 06:30 PM
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Hi! Did you ever get sick while travelling? What happened?

Tuesday at 07:45 AM
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Hi Dana,

It's so great to hear your story. We hope that the website helps you study the way that suits you best. Continue the good work, Dana! If you ever have questions, feel free to leave us a comment! Salamat.


Team FilipinoPod01.com

Friday at 07:46 PM
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Kamusta! I am a student who struggles in the subject Filipino (Iโ€™m half Fil/American) and started failing my tests and even oral participation (answering questions) and since my classmates can speak they mostly use Filipino phrases and sentences during conversations and I canโ€™t even understand, I even get scared to ask a words meaning to classmates and teachers. But now that I got this I feel much more prepared for the next year of my Filipino class. Salamat po!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜„

Tuesday at 10:10 AM
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Hi Agne,

In this case, if we used 'ako' the sentence 'kailangan ako ng doktor' would mean 'I am needed by the doctor.'

The sentence 'kailangan ko ng doktor' is the same as 'I need a doctor'.

If we turn these sentences into the Di-Karaniwang form (sentences with 'ay') we'd be able to distinguish which is the subject and predicate of these two.

1. Kailangan ko ng doktor.

DK form: Doktor ay kailangan ko.

English: (A) doctor is needed by me.

2. Kailangan ako ng doktor.

DK form: Ako ay kailangan ng doktor.

English: I am needed by the doctor.

We see here that 'ko' functions as 'I' rather than 'my/mine'.

Salamat sa iyong tanong!


Team FilipinoPod101.com

Tuesday at 12:17 PM
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I mena in the sentence "Kailangan ko ng doktor"

Tuesday at 12:16 PM
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Why we use "ko" not "ako" here for I?