Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody!
Do you know how to say “Bye” in Filipino? In this lesson, you'll learn three parting expressions in Filipino.
Let’s start with the easiest one.
[slowly] Paalam.
This means "Goodbye" in Filipino.
You can use this on any occasion with anyone.
If you want to be more formal, there is a different phrase you should use.
Sige po mauna na ako
[slowly] Sige po mauna na ako
This means "I'll go ahead" in Filipino.
The first two words, sige and po, are both polite words. The word mauna means "go ahead," na means something similar to "already," and ako means "me."
If you want to sound more casual, here's a phrase for you.
Sige mauna na ako
[slowly] Sige mauna na ako.
This is a casual way to say "bye."
This phrase is used amongst friends and in other casual situations. It can also be used with close family members and relatives similar in age.
Let's wrap up this lesson by recapping what you've learned. Listen to the words and repeat after me.
* beep
"I'll go ahead."
Sige po mauna na ako.
* beep
Sige po mauna na ako.
Casual way to say "bye"
Sige mauna na ako.
* beep
Sige mauna na ako.
Well done! [pause] Here's a fun fact!
In a daily conversation, you will hear the casual phrase sige mauna na ako more often than other expression. So remember both Paalam and sige mauna na ako when talking with your friends.
You just learned how to say “Bye” in three different ways in Filipino.
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See you soon! Paalam.