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What was the last new word or phrase you learned? Do you remember? If you can answer this question, then you’re using a very important skill for language learning. It’s called “active recall.” Keep watching to learn more about how powerful it is.
In this video, we'll cover the best ways to study and remember
So, what is active recall? “Active recall” is an important part of learning and actually remembering what you’ve learned.
Essentially, it means forcing yourself to remember what you’ve learned. For example, let’s say you’re reading a textbook and you learn a new word like "hello." Reading is a passive activity. That word or phrase won’t last very long in your memory. But then if you ask yourself later, “Okay, what was that word again?" you're using active recall. It's when you try to remember something without looking at the answer.
So, what’s special about this?
Typically, when we study for tests, we read and re-read textbooks, take notes, highlight some key points, and re-read some more. But with this style of studying, you're still looking at the answers and simply reviewing them, right? It's essential that you also study by forcing yourself to remember. Doing this helps improve your memory.
So, how do we apply this to language learning? What are some tricks that you can use to actually remember what you study?
First: Try using quick recall
Let's start simple. Tell us in the comments: what was the last word or phrase you learned in your target language?
Second: Quiz yourself right after studying.
After you finish a lesson, ask yourself, “What did I learn in this lesson?" Go ahead and write down as much as you can remember. You can also ask yourself, “What grammar rule did I learn here?” Or, “What was the conversation?” and try and recall the dialogue. Do this for every lesson, but don’t look at the answers. The point is to recall as much as you can.
Third: Take notes from memory.
Again, don’t look at the answers. There’s a note feature in each of our lessons to help you do just that.
Fourth: Take lesson quizzes.
You’ll find these in each of our lessons. Actually, taking tests or quizzes is a great way to practice active recall since you’re forced to remember just the answers.
Fifth: Use Spaced Repetition Flashcards to master words and phrases.
Spaced Repetition Flashcards quiz you on words, and you have to mark whether you know them or you don’t. If you know the word, you’ll see it again in a few days. And if you don’t know a word, you can flip the card, and get the answer, but you’ll get quizzed on it again and again, until you get it right.
Sixth: Do assignments
If you’re a Premium PLUS user, you get weekly assignments from your teacher. And these test you on listening, reading, speaking, and writing.
These are all ways to use active recall throughout your language learning, to make sure you remember everything you study.
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