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Want to speak more of your target language?
Well, here's a completely free way to boost your vocabulary, so you can understand more, speak more, and increase your fluency.
in this quick guide, you'll learn all about our Free Vocabulary Lists, how you can unlock 100s of vocabulary lists that we give only to our users. And how you can learn new words and phrases fast without having to memorize for hours.
But first, if you don't yet have access to our free vocabulary lists…
Be sure to sign up for a free lifetime account…
Just click the link down in the description to sign up right now.
So, how do these Free Vocabulary Lists increase your fluency?
Here's how.
First, you can boost your vocabulary and range of expression with 100s of vocabulary lists spanning all the must-know topics.
Just look for the Vocabulary Lists inside the Vocabulary Drop-Down Menu on the site...
…and there, you'll find lists for all kinds of topics such as…
Introducing yourself
Talking about weather
The Most common conversational phrases,
Holidays like Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year's, and much more.
Second, you can practice your listening skills
By hearing the words in both native speed and at the slower, half speed.
Just click on the speaker icon next to each word to hear it at normal speed and click a second time to hear the word at half speed.
And you'll easily start understanding the word any time you hear it.
Third, you can practice your speaking skills…
with the voice recorder, a Premium feature, inside the vocabulary lists.
Just click on the microphone icon to record yourself saying the word or phrase.
You can also listen to the native pronunciation and your own pronunciation side by side. That way, you can instantly hear how close you are to the native speaker and how to improve.
Fourth, you can easily review the words with the vocabulary slideshow tool.
Just click the "play slideshow" button at the top, and sit back and listen to the words.
You can also play the slideshow on loop until all of the words and phrases are stuck in your brain.
And fifth, if you want to master these words even faster…
you can save them to your Word Bank, or study them with the Flashcards - both are Premium features.
The WordBank is your personal collection of key vocabulary, where you can also create printable vocabulary study sheets. And with Flashcards, you can drill the words and retain them forever, thanks to our smart, spaced repetition system.
So, if you want to boost your vocabulary and speak more of your target language. Then get access to our Free Vocabulary Lists
Sign up for a free lifetime account right now. Just click the link in the description to sign up.