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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Tuesday at 01:43 PM
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Hello Richard Liu,

I'm sorry to hear that. The lesson was designed to show only words in Filipino. For you to learn the English words for it, check out the Lesson Notes. Click the Download button above and you will find the Lesson Notes. You can read the notes while you listen to the videos. Tell me how it goes for you. Also, please just ask us any question about the lessons, we are always eager to help.

Good luck,


Team FilipinoPod101.com

Richard Liu
Saturday at 08:58 PM
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After introduce the name of the animal. it did not show the English name. It is too hard to learn. How can I make a sentence and speak it out? All showed words/sentences should be translated to English or other language. Really , dont ask me what is "tumatakbo, tumatalon at nagmimintis"? Because after watching the video, I learn nothing.

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Tuesday at 10:53 AM
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Hi UncleDako,

When you press ESC key, then you can close the video. We'll also consider updating the video player so that you can easily find out how to close it.

Thank you for your comment.



Team FillipinoPod101.com

Saturday at 06:48 AM
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I cannot close the video without reloading the whole page