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Lesson Transcript

Kamusta kayo, Ako si Mayumi. Hi everybody! I’m Mayumi.
Welcome to FilipinoPod101.com’s “Filipino sa tatlong minuto”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Filipino.
In the last lesson, we learned how to be grateful to people by saying salamat. In this lesson we’ll learn some of the most common greetings used in the Philippines.
Handa na ba kayo? Are you ready? Then let’s start!
First, we’ll learn the greetings we use when meeting people:
[slowly] Kumusta!
Do you remember this from the 1st lesson?
Kumusta literally means “How are you?” but it is used as “Hi” or “Hello”.
“Musta! “is a shortened version of “kumusta” which you can use when greeting friends.
[slowly] “Musta!”
For formal situations, we use “Kumusta po!” [slowly] “Kumusta po.”
Now, here are some time specific greetings used when meeting people:
“Magandang araw!”
[slowly] “Magandang araw.”
Literally, “Magandang araw” means “Good day”; To be more specific about which time in the day we greet someone, we use: “Magandang umaga,” “Magandang tanghali,” and “Magandang hapon.” meaning “Good morning,” Good noon” and “Good afternoon” respectively.
[slowly] Magandang umaga.
[slowly] Magandang tanghali.
[slowly] Magandang hapon.
During the evening there is only one greeting and that is:
Magandang gabi!
[slowly] Magandang gabi.
Maganda means “beautiful” or “good”. The connector -ng is added to connect Maganda and gabi.
In formal situations, you just need to add “po” to the Filipino greetings I’ve already mentioned;
Magandang araw po.
Magandang umaga po
Magandang tanghali po.
Magandang hapon po.
Magandang gabi po.
Are you ready for more? Next are some greetings we use when leaving:
To say “good-bye” in Filipino, we say: “Paalam.”
[slowly] Paalam.
We also have: “Sige, mauna na ako.” literally, “Alright, I’ll go ahead.” and is a more casual way of saying goodbye.
[slowly] Sige, mauna na ako.
Finally, we have “Hanggang sa muli.” meaning “See you again.”
[slowly] “Hanggang sa muli.”
Again to make these formal, we just need to add “po.”
Paalam po.
Sige, mauna na po ako.
Hanggang sa muli po.
Now you can greet people in many different ways in Filipino! Let’s review them all again.
Here are the greetings we use when meeting people:
Magandang araw!
Magandang umaga!
Magandang tanghali!
Magandang hapon!
Magandang gabi!
When leaving, we have:
Sige, mauna na ako.
Hanggang sa muli!
For greeting people who are older than you, just add po!
It’s easy, isn’t it?
Now it’s time for Mayumi’s Tips.
Another famous greeting you might hear in the Philippines is “Mabuhay!”
This literally means “Live!” but is used to mean “Welcome!” It is used in formal situations like when welcoming an audience during events or when welcoming people into the country but not necessarily when welcoming guests to your home.
During the next lesson we’ll learn the meaning of the phrase Nagsasalita ka ba ng Ingles? Do you already know it? I'll be waiting to talk about it with you in our next Filipino sa tatlong minuto lesson. Paalam!


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Hi listeners! Let's practice greetings here!

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Hi Masa Yama!

Magandang araw rin sa'yo. Maraming salamat sa iyong mga komento.

Hanggang sa muli! If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask through the comment sections.



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Magandang hapon.

Magandang araw.

Hanggang sa muli!

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Magandang hapon Y,

Mahusay! (Good job!) Ipagpatuloy lang natin ang pag-eensayo! (Let's continue practicing!)



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Magandang tanghali.

Handa na po ako. [I'm ready.]

(my internet connection disagrees, though)

Sige, paalam na muna. [Alright, goodbye for now]