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Lesson Transcript

Kamusta kayo, ako si Erica. Hi everybody! I’m Erica.
Welcome to FilipinoPod101.com’s “Filipino sa 3 minuto”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Filipino.
In the last two lessons, we’ve learned some basic conjugations of Filipino verbs.
We will now jump into our lessons dedicated to question words in Filipino. In this lesson we will talk about the most commonly used question word: “ano” which means "what."
So imagine you want to ask your friend "What are you doing?" How would you do it?
In this case you should say, Ano ang ginagawa mo?
[slowly] Ano ang ginagawa mo?
Let’s break down this question:
Ano is how you say "What" in Filipino. Next comes “ginagawa,” the present tense of the verb “gawin”, which we have just studied.
Finally, we have “mo,” the pronoun “you”.
So, altogether it is “Ano ang ginagawa mo?”
I mentioned before that “Ano ang..” is often shortened to “anong,” in conversations, so you could also say this sentence as “Anong ginagawa mo?”
In formal situations we add po after the word ano and change “mo” into the plural “niyo.” Ano po ang ginagawa niyo?”
“Ano pong” ginagawa niyo?”
Unlike the english “what,” “ano” actually has a plural form and that is “anu-ano.” We use this when we are expecting multiple answers. For example: “Anu-ano pong lulutuin niyo bukas?” “What are you going to cook tomorrow?” Here, you are implying that you are asking about more than one dish.
Now it’s time for Erica’s Tips.
Do you want to broaden you’re Filipino vocabulary? You can use “ano” to ask for the Filipino translation of things. Just use this formula: “Ano ang (the thing you want to translate) sa Filipino?” For example: “Ano ang
“English” sa Filipino?” What is “English” in Filipino? I think you already know the answer to this. We discussed it in lesson 4.
Need to ask more questions? In the next lesson, we will talk more about the Filipino question word for "Where".
See you in the next Filipino sa 3 minuto lesson!
Hanggang sa muli!