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Friday at 6:30 pm
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Hi listeners! Let's practice how to thank people in Filipino! 

Friday at 4:54 pm
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Kamusta Masa Yama,

Good job practicing! Keep it up~

We're looking forward to hearing more from you in the succeeding lessons :)

If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask through the comment sections.



Team FilipinoPod101.com

Masa Yama
Friday at 5:46 pm
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Maraming salamat. --- Walang anuman.

Thursday at 3:26 pm
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Hello Y,

Salamat! We use it in more formal circumstances. Though, it's actually used more often in TV shows, especially for kids. :smile: Usually, as you probably already noticed, Bye and See you are also (more) commonly used. You can also most probably give them nosebleeds if you talk to them in formal Filipino. :laughing:

Hanggang sa muli!


Team FilipinoPod101.com

Saturday at 6:27 pm
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I've asked, and again it's clear that I watch more TV than talk to people. "Hanggang sa muli" is indeed common.

(It's just that the people I talk to say "Bye" and "See you" even if they complain I give them nosebleeds when I talk to them in English.)

Saturday at 3:53 pm
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Salamat po, Ma'am Erica. :)

I have to say "Hanggang sa muli" sounds a bit weird to me. I'd've gone with "Hanggang sa susonod." Probably because I hear it more on TV.

Tuesday at 3:08 pm
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Hello Jano20!

That is correct! :smile:



Team FilipinoPod101.com

Saturday at 3:10 am
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Salamat=Thank you (informal)

Maraming salamat=Thank you very much (informal)

To make these sentences formal, we just need to add the word 'po' to the end.

Salamat po=Thank you (formal)

Maraming salamat po=Thank you very much (formal)

!Salamat can be used with anyone, anywhere and at anytime!