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Lesson Transcript

Kamusta kayo, ako si Mayumi. Hi everybody! I’m Mayumi.
Welcome to FilipinoPod101.com’s “Filipino sa 3 minuto”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Filipino.
In the last lesson, we learned how to talk about location using the “to be.” verb ay. In this lesson we’ll learn how to talk about possessions using the verb “may” or “to have”.
First, here’s how to ask if someone has a car or not in the informal way. May kotse ka ba? “Do you have a car?”
[slowly] May kotse ka ba?
Let’s take a closer look at this question.
May means “to have”.
Kotse means “car”
Ka means “you”
Ba the question particle in Filipino
May kotse ka ba?
If you’re asking someone older than you, you will ask: May kotse po ba kayo?
Now, how do you answer this question? Let’s say you have a car.
You can say, Oo, may kotse ako. And if the one who asked you is older or more superior then you can say, Opo, may kotse po ako.
[slowly] Oo, may kotse ako.
[slowly] Opo, may kotse po ako.
Let’s break it down:
Oo means “yes.” Opo is its polite form.
May, again, means “to have” and kotse means “car.” Po is inserted if you need to answer in a polite manner. Finally ako means “I.”
Another way of answering positively is by simply saying: Oo, mayroon. meaning “Yes, (I) have.” or just, Mayroon. With these, you don’t need to say what it is that you have and could also be used to answer any “Do you have..” question.
[slowly] Oo, mayroon.
[slowly] Mayroon.
The polite form would be: Opo, mayroon po” or “Mayroon po.”
Now it's time for Erica's tips.
Have you heard of the Filipino word "Maybahay?" Literally it means "has a house" but could you guess what it actually means? It is Filipino for "wife." So be nice to the them because the house is theirs!
In recent lessons, you have learned how to say things about yourself and answer questions about what you have. But what if you are not and you don’t have what they’re asking you? How would you say it? I'll tell you how in the next Filipino sa 3 minuto. Hanggang sa muli!

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