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Lesson Transcript

Betsey: Mabuhay! Hi everyone, Betsey here! Welcome back to FilipinoPod101.com.
Becky: And I’m Becky. This is All-About, Lesson 15 - Top 5 Filipino Phrases from the Hosts. In this last lesson of the series, we’ll be looking at five different phrases you can use in different situations.
Betsey: That’s right Becky. I hope you guys have been having as much fun as we have doing these lessons! In this lesson you’ll hear our top five favorite phrases.

Lesson focus

Becky: That’s right! They’re phrases we think are helpful for you guys!
Betsey: So let’s get into it. Our 1st phrase is ‘Una na po ako’. This means “I’ll go ahead.”
Becky: This can be used in situations like parties where you will be leaving before the other guests, as a farewell to the host specifically, or it can also be used to other guests.
Becky: What’s unique about this phrase is that it shows you feel bad for leaving early, and shows respect to the host.
Betsey: For “We will go ahead”, you simply say ‘Una na po kami’. ‘Una na po kami’.
Becky: What’s the 2nd phrase?
Betsey: It’s ‘Mabuti’, which means, “I’m good”
Becky: You can use this when you are asked how you are. You just casually respond with...
Betsey: ‘Mabuti’. To make it a little more formal, you can just add ‘po’ at the end. ‘Mabuti po’.
Becky: Ok, and what’s our 3rd phrase?
Betsey: Next is ‘Saan ang…?’ which means, “Where is…?”
Becky: When visiting any new country, even if you’re from another part of that country, you are bound to use this phrase at least a couple of times.
Betsey: That’s true. So, let’s make sure we remember this one. An easy way to use this phrase, is to simply say the place you are looking for after ‘Saan ang…’. For example, ‘Saan ang CR?’
Becky: This means “Where is the bathroom?”
Betsey: Here’s a piece of interesting trivia - ‘CR’ is an abbreviation of ‘Comfort Room’. This is the common name for public restrooms in the Philippines.
Becky: That’s right, make sure you know that one as well!
Betsey: The 4th phrase is ‘Tara’. This is an informal way of saying “Let’s go”. You can use this when you’re inviting friends to go somewhere, like a party.
Becky: It has a very inviting and friendly mood to it.
Betsey: “You can also say ‘Tara na’. ‘Na’ indicates your eagerness, if that makes sense - that you really want the company. To give it a slightly more semi-formal tone, you can also say ‘Halika na’. ‘Halika’ means “Come”, and with that same ‘na’ it becomes ‘Halika na’.
Becky: Ok, what’s our 5th phrase?
Betsey: Our 5th phrase is ‘Ingat ka’ which literally translates to ‘Care you” but in more natural English it means “Take Care”. You can use this when you’re saying your Goodbyes to someone. It's used even more than actually saying “Goodbye”. ‘Ingat ka’.
Becky: You can also say this in a casual situation. Filipinos never forget to say this, and you’ll be using this phrase a lot.
Becky: Before we go, let’s recap those 5 phrases.
Betsey: Sure. 1st was ‘Una na po ako’ for “I’ll go ahead.” (slow) ‘Una na po ako’
Betsey: 2nd was ‘Mabuti’, which means, “I’m good” (slow) ‘Mabuti’.
Becky: And 3rd?
Betsey: ‘Saan ang…?’ which means, “Where is…?” (slow) ‘Saan ang…?’
Becky: What about the 4th?
Betsey: ‘Tara’. which means “Let’s go” (slow) ‘Tara’.
Betsey: And finally, ‘Ingat ka’ which means “Take Care” (slow) ‘Ingat ka’.
Becky: Well listeners, those were the top five phrases chosen by your hosts. And that brings us to the end of this All About series!
Betsey: But don't worry. You can come back to FilipinoPod101.com and check out our other series, like our Basic Boot Camp, Pronunciation, or Survival Phrases.
Becky: That’s right! There’s still a lot of learning and practicing to do, so I hope your journey doesn’t end here!


Becky: We hope you enjoyed this series, listeners! Stop by FilipinoPod101.com any time to share your experiences using these phrases in the comments!
Betsey: Yes, we’re waiting to hear from you!
Becky: Bye everyone!
Betsey: Paalam!


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