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Lesson Transcript

Becky: Hi everyone, I’m Becky. Welcome to FilipinoPod101.com. This is All About, Lesson 1 - Top 5 Reasons to Study Filipino
Betsey: "Magandang araw" And "hello" from the Philippines! Betsey here.
Becky: Together, we'll be your guides to everything Filipino.

Lesson focus

Betsey: In this first lesson, we’ll introduce you to my home country, the Philippines.
Becky: I’ve been fascinated by the melting pot of different cultures in the country for a long time. And when I decided to visit, I loved it even more! The country has such warm people, and some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see!
Betsey: It really does! These are two of the best aspects of living in the Philippines. The people, and the amazing islands!
Becky: Oh! And the food is great as well, of course.
Betsey: Definitely! The Philippines is also famous for its tropical weather, which matches its beautiful white sandy beaches. The warm hospitality of the locals makes it a fantastic tourist destination.
Becky: It’s definitely a must-go country! So Betsey, please tell the listeners more about those great beaches.
Betsey: Ok! The islands in the Philippines are the best places to go for a vacation. They may not be as famous as the islands of Hawaii, but they definitely don’t disappoint!
Becky: There are three main islands - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, and over 7,000 smaller islands clustered around them.
Betsey: Wow! Yeah that is a lot! Only 2,000 of the islands are inhabited and so most are almost untouched, with clear white sand and views of the beautiful sea.
Becky: So, tell us - which are the best islands to visit?
Betsey: The most commercially successful and famous places would be Boracay and Cebu. Both are in an area called Visayas, and have a lot of resorts, so if you’d like an all-inclusive package of partying and relaxation, then these are the places you should go.
Becky: Oooh, that sounds great. But what if I wanted to enjoy more of the unspoiled nature, and maybe have a little adventure? Those established places can get pretty crowded.
Betsey: Well, getting off the beaten path is definitely another great way to enjoy a vacation on the islands. There are still lots of places that aren’t as commercialized, and I think they’re the best places. One I recommend is Palawan, in the west of Visayas, where you can enjoy spending time underwater! Palawan is famous for scuba diving because of its crystal clear waters.
Becky: I’ve always wanted to try scuba diving, though the name does sound familiar. I wonder if I’ve heard of it before…
Betsey: Hmm, maybe that’s because the Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan, was recently voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. It’s an 8.2 km long underground cave river that flows directly into the South China Sea.
Becky: That’s definitely the kind of adventure I was thinking about! Ok, so, tell me more about the other parts of the country.
Betsey: Well, what I can say is that it’s a melting pot of different cultures.
Becky: Ah yes, I have heard, for example, that English is commonly spoken in the Philippines.
Betsey: That’s right! In fact, English and Filipino are the two official languages of the country.
Becky: Well, that makes things easier for tourists!
Betsey: It does. You will definitely have less of a hard time, but learning Filipino is a rewarding experience. For a start, it is a great cultural experience, because the language itself lets you see our cultural diversity. It’s a mixture of Spanish and Filipino dialects.
Becky: So does that mean I can learn some Spanish while I’m learning Filipino?
Betsey: Sort of. Since the Philippines was a Spanish colony for over 350 years, there are certain customs and words from Spanish that are also used in Filipino.
Becky: Wow, that’s amazing. I can learn different languages at the same time!
Betsey: Spanish was also taught in school in the past, but has now been replaced with English. However, it’s still common for Filipinos to use Spanish for counting numbers, and reading time.
Becky: Really? I guess I can make up for the Spanish classes I slept through in high school.
Betsey: It’s not just evident in the language, but the Philippines is one of the few countries that is predominantly Roman Catholic.
Becky: What kind of customs has it adopted then?
Betsey: Well the most obvious would probably be religious celebrations. For example, Christmas is considered to be one of the biggest events of the year. You start hearing Christmas carols, and seeing Christmas lights and decorations, around four months before the actual day.
Becky: Wow! You must really love the holidays, huh?
Betsey: That’s an understatement! The holidays are also a time for family, and it’s very common to have family gatherings and reunions with immediate and extended family members.
Becky: That sounds like a great time of year. Now let’s talk some more about the Filipino language.
Betsey: Well, you already know that Spanish has influenced the language, but because it’s an Austronesian language, the roots of the Filipino language lie in other South-East Asian languages like Malay and Indonesian. The Filipino language itself is mostly a mixture of three different Filipino dialects - Tagalog, Visayan and Ilocano.
Becky: I thought ‘Tagalog’ meant Filipino too!
Betsey: Sort of. ‘Tagalog’, which derives from two words ‘Taga’ and ‘ilog’, meaning “from the rivers” is what is commonly spoken in the capital Manila, which is the centre of politics and business. So it’s very close, if not almost identical, to Filipino.
Becky: So can we assume that people who speak Tagalog speak Filipino as well?
Betsey: The sentence structure of Filipino is identical to Tagalog, and it’s common to refer to Filipino as ‘Tagalog’ in most cases. You can assume that all Filipinos speak Filipino, because it’s the country’s official language. So this makes most Filipinos either bilingual or trilingual. It is common for people to speak Filipino and English, as well as their own local dialect.
Becky: And here I am having a hard time learning a second language, let alone a third!
Betsey: But the easy part is that Filipino uses the same alphabet as English, so that should give you a head start when you’re learning how to read and write!
Becky: Oh, I guess that makes it a little easier. So there aren’t additional characters I need to know?
Betsey: Well, technically Filipino has its own alphabet system, called ‘Abakada’ which has some words from the Roman alphabet, and includes some additional letters. But since English has been integrated into the culture, the more modern system uses the English alphabet.
Becky: Wow, hearing about this mix of cultures and languages definitely makes learning Filipino sound interesting!
Betsey: But now let’s get to the Top 5 reasons to learn Filipino!
Becky: Number 1 - learning another language is fun! There’s nothing like getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing new things. What can be more challenging and adventurous than learning a different language, and visiting the country itself!
Betsey: Number 2 - it’s very affordable to visit! If you’re on a budget but want to experience the tropical wonders of the islands, then it’s the best place to go!
Becky: Number 3 - although you can get away with just speaking English, if you do learn to speak Filipino, it will definitely enhance your experience, and will help you create a special bond with the local people. Not to mention, you can usually get bargain prices when you speak the local language!
Betsey: Number 4 - as we mentioned earlier, the Philippines has an interesting mixture of the Western culture. It has been influenced by Spanish and American culture. It’s a rare hybrid of both modern and conservative. It treasures the wisdom of the elderly, but also adopts modern culture!
Becky: Last but not least, Number 5 - Filipinos are the most friendly and warm people you will meet! Filipinos are known to be family-oriented people. Of course, that’s the same for friends! They treat friends and acquaintances with warmth, and create a friendly atmosphere! Ok, well, that was just a glimpse of what to expect from FilipinoPod101.com! Get ready for more fun in the next lesson! Bye everyone!


Becky: Make sure you check the lesson notes for more information. Till next time, bye everyone!
Betsey: Paalam! Bye bye!


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Thursday at 6:30 pm
Pinned Comment
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Hello, Listeners! Why are you studying Filipino? Could you let us know your special reason?

Sunday at 11:13 pm
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Hi George,

Glad to hear that you're enjoying to study Filipino with us!

In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.



Team FilipinoPod101.com

George Thorne
Monday at 5:07 am
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To be honest, fun. I spoke to some one from the Philippines, and she could speak English, so I decided to learn her language haha, we don’t talk anymore, however I am still learning. And I planned on not paying, but after starting my $1 trial on this site, I realise that it’s fun to learn, it’s rewarding, and your podcast and way of doing it is totally amazing. So I am going to be subscribing for premium after my trial, for either 1 or 2 years..

Thanks guys.

Maraming salamat po.

Team FilipinoPod101.com
Thursday at 11:28 pm
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Hi Bud and Shee!

Thank you for sharing your reasons with us! Learning Filipino is really a great way to understand our culture in an in depth manner. We hope you enjoy learning the language with us and that you'll be able to create stronger bonds with the special Filipinos in your lives ?

If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask us! Salamat!


Team FilipinoPod101.com

Thursday at 8:45 pm
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Hi Bud,


Thank you for sharing with us your reasons for studying Filipino! We're glad to have you here!

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. ;)



Team FilipinoPod101.com

Thursday at 10:24 am
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My name is Bud. My son has met a woman from Manila and they seem serious. My wife & I will meet her later this year and we want to surprise her by speaking in her native language.

Sunday at 11:03 am
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Kamusta ka na?

Ako po si Shee.

I know a bit of Tagalog and I'm planning to expand more on it due to a major reason to remove the language barrier I found between myself and with nobyo ko. Yes, I'm learning Tagalog so we can converse smoothly without any trouble. Aking irog nobyo ay filipino so, I'm doing my best to learn Tagalog for my interest, as well as, for him.

Maraming salamat po, Filipinopod101 Team!

To have come up with easy, digestable lessons and to have create this course for those of us interested in learning Tagalog!

I'm planning to ace this language as much as possible before or by December. Main reason: Communication.

Team FilipinoPod101.com
Wednesday at 8:30 am
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Kumusta Rhiana,

Thank you for sharing that with us! We're excited to have you in the community ? Salamat!


Team FilipinoPod101.com

Tuesday at 6:33 am
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I'm learning first so I can speak with family, and second because I finally have a date for my first trip - this summer!

Wednesday at 12:32 pm
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Hi Gabriel,

Salamat!! Welcome to the community! Please feel free to ask questions or practice with us by commenting in Filipino.


Team FilipinoPod101.com

Sunday at 1:38 pm
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Great introduction.