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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to Filipino top words and I am Ice and today, we are going to learn about some English and maybe some Filipino. Today’s topic is 10 Foods That Will Kill You Faster or in other words, the nicest tasting ones.
1. Bacon "bacon"
Okay. So the first word is Bacon, “bacon”
For example, Bacon na may itlog ang karaniwang almusal ko. Which means, "Bacon with eggs is my usual breakfast."
I wish but not exactly because Bacon is actually expensive in the Philippines. Maybe more like hot dog and egg. Yeay!
2. Energy drink "energy drinks"
Next one is, Energy drink. It means “energy drinks”
Okay. You could use it in the sentence like,
Mahilig si Tom uninom ng energy drink. Which means "Tom loves drinking energy drinks."
I’d like to replace Tom with Ice. Ice likes to drink energy drinks but Monster is my favorite one. Energy drinks! This is Filipino energy drink. It’s called Cobra. And there is lots of flavors.
3. Prinosesong karne "processed meat"
Prinosesong karne which means "processed meat"
Ang naprosesong karne ay may halong ibang kemikal na maaaring hindi maganda sa kalusugan. "Processed meat is mixed with other chemicals which might not be good for your health."
4. Also known as my top 10 favorite food,
Frozen na pagkain "frozen meals"
Next one is, frozen na pagkain which means “frozen meals”
Hindi ako mahilig sa frozen na pagkain. "I'm not fond of frozen foods."
I like warm foods. So you could have my ham. Because I don’t like frozen foods.
5. Chichirya "potato chips"
Chichirya meaning "potato chips"
Well actually it doesn’t just mean potato chips. It might also be corn chips or chips. Like this one.
For example,
Nanonood siya ng palabas habang kumakain ng chichirya. "He's watching a show while eating chips."
6. Margarina "margarine"
Next one is Margarina, which is “margarine.”
Mabango ang pagkaing may margarina. "Food with margarine is aromatic."
It also tastes nice because it’s bad for you, so don’t!
7. Instant noodles "instant noodles"
Next one is instant noodles. Which means, “instant noodles”
Also known as Pancit Canton or Instant Mami. This is like my favorite thing growing up.
Sa Japan nagsimula ang instant noodles. "Instant noodles started in Japan."
8. Kendi "candy"
Next one is kendi which is “candy” but…
Nakakasira sa ngipin ang kendi. "Candy destroys the teeth."
9. Softdrinks "soda"
Next one is soft drinks. It’s actually in English but it’s not just any kind of soft drinks. Soft drinks in Filipino means “soda” Soda! Soda!
Mahal ang softdrinks sa hotel. "Sodas are expensive at the hotel."
10. Asukal "sugar"
The next one is asukal meaning “sugar”
Napadami and nilagay kong asukal kaya sobrang tamis. "I put in too much sugar; that's why it's too sweet."
Okay. And that’s 10 Foods That Will Kill You Faster. I hope you enjoyed this lesson and I will see you next time.