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Lesson Transcript

Hi, I am Erica and welcome to Filipino top words. Today, we are going to learn 10 Phrases to Amaze Native Speakers.
1. Salamat pero sa totoo lang hindi ako isang native speaker. "Thank you but I'm not a native speaker actually."
If you start learning now, you’ll be one of those few foreigners who can amaze Filipinos.
2. Isang taon lang ang kinailangan ko para maging matatas magsalita ng lenggwahe. "It took me only one year to become fluent."
So I don’t know how easy actually Filipino is for foreign people. I don’t know if in one year you’ll be able to speak it, probably like the basics of it, right because Filipino, you don’t really need to learn a new alphabet. And also some of the words are in Spanish. So if you kind of know Spanish, then you would most probably understand some of the words but for you to be able to speak one year, I think it’s fine but for you to be able to actually understand all the nuances in the language, then one year is probably a bit too short.
3. Makakapagsalita ako ng Filipino gaya ng isang Pilipino sa loob ng tatlong taon. "I’ll speak Filipino like a native speaker in 3 years."
That’s actually a good target, right but of course, there is still so many things that you won’t be probably like inside jokes right or especially since Filipino language is like any other language, it’s continuously evolving. Right because we have lots of slang now, right like slang that you get from American slang and then also gay lingo, right? So all of those words and then usually when you learn Filipino, you won’t get to hear those slang or like street words. And most people actually use a bit of like casual. They only use really formal Filipino in say formal situations, formal settings. So this is a good target but good luck.
4. Sampung taon na akong nag-aaral ng Filipino. "I've been learning Filipino for 10 years."
And it’s actually very good. I mean for me, for us like English, we take so many years and still there are some things that you cannot understand. So for instance, we learn English like standard English right and then you talk to say an American or a British person and then there are so many words that you cannot understand. But you cannot understand them because these are like – it is like the usage of the words is different from how you learned it from the dictionary. Sometimes when you speak to them, you sound so formal, then yours is very good.
5. Kaya kong manood ng mga pelikulang Filipino ng walang subtitle. "I can watch Filipino movies without subtitles."
We are releasing so many in the movies recently. Those are really good movies. So, please watch Filipino movies and if you can even see them without subtitles, very good.
6. Kaya kong magkabisa ng higit kumulang mga limampung bagong salitang Filipino kada araw. "I can memorize around 50 new Filipino words a day."
Oh, that’s very impressive. I don’t have memory.
7. Masaya at madaling aralin ang Filipino! "Filipino is fun and easy to learn!"
Yeah which actually it is right? I think it’s easier compared to say Japanese or Chinese because as I’ve said, first, Filipino, you don’t need to learn new alphabet which immediately makes it easy. Right because learning a new alphabet is very hard, right. I mean, if you say for example, walk in the streets and then you can read the signs, that’s already something because say you go to Japan and then you see all the signs and you cannot read kanji or hiragana or katakana right, then you cannot – it’s like as if you are – I don’t know. You are lost. But at least with Filipino, then, you can immediately read the signs and then the next thing is, you learn the words.
8. Naintindihan ko ang lahat ng sinabi mo. "I completely understood everything you said."
Yeah. So when someone tells you this, then, they are amazed, yeah. So that’s why they are just like oh, great. So for example, someone tells you this very long explanation about something, then, as a Filipino, you can simply say, Gets ko because that’s very Filipino actually which means, I got it.
9. Marami akong alam na slang sa Filipino. "I know a lot of slang words in Filipino."
It depends also when you use the slang words because not in all circumstances can you use slang words, right. Especially if you are just meeting someone for the first time, then you would want to be a bit more formal. Then, becoming too formal is not natural. It can be seen as sarcastic even. Actually I think the key to being thought of as fluent is like getting this balance of being like casual, natural and also a bit, like, more formal, right? I think so.
10. Nakakabasa na ako ng nobela sa Filipino. "I can now read a novel in Filipino."
Which is very good. If you read actual like old Filipino novels, it’s very what you call it’s like flowery. It’s like it really evokes emotions when you read Filipino novels. It’s actually hard to write in really say old poetic Filipino now.
So that’s it for today’s Filipino top words. What sentence would you say to amaze us? Well, actually we are easily amazed. So don’t hesitate to write anything down below. See you in the next lesson.