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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Hi guys! Hi guys, welcome to Filipino top words with me Ice and today’s topic is,
Title: 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce.
Okay. So just try and say these words and I am sure like your Filipino friends will be very impressed. Try practicing these words so you could pronounce it properly.
1. Bababa ba? "Going down?"
This first one is actually a sentence and it’s just made of one syllable which is ba. So it goes, Bababa ba. It means “going down.” Baba means down and Bababa means “going down” and the ba at the end is like our question marking particle. So Bababa ba? If you are going down and someone asked this to you, then you just reply with Oo meaning Yes or Bababa. So Bababa ba, Bababa. It’s like the longest conversation in Filipino using one syllable.
2. Bulaklak "flower"
Okay. Next is Bulaklak meaning flower.
For example,
Mabango ang bulaklak. "The flower smells good."
3. Dumadagundong “rumbling”
Dumadagundong meaning “rumbling”
Doesn’t it sound like it’s a rumbling noise? Like Dumadagundong, just like all the base in that word.
For example,
Dumadagundong na ang bagyo sa labas. “The storm is already rumbling outside.”
Dumadagundong. Dumadagundong. Dumadagundong.
4. Di kapani-paniwala "unbelievable"
Next is, Di kapani-paniwala meaning "unbelievable"
For example,
Di kapanipaniwala ang sinapit ng pamilya niya. "The plight of his family is unbelievable."
5. Kagilagilalas "astounding"
Next is, Kagilagilalas which means "astounding"
Hindi na ako nakakakita ng kagilagilalas na pangyayari. "I no longer see any astounding events."
6. Kinakailangan "important"
Next one is, Kinakailangan meaning "important"
Kinakailangang maging tapat lagi sa trabaho. "We must always be honest at work."
7. Kumukutikutitap "twinkling"
Next one is, Kumukutikutitap meaning "twinkling"
So I guess the hard part of this is like the vowels because like it’s mostly /u/, but there’s like /i/ and /a/ somewhere. Kumukutikutitap, I guess the only way to pronounce this is to remember all the syllables.
Kumukutikutitap, “twinkling”
Ang bituin ay kumukutikutitap. "The star is twinkling."
How would you even sing a twinkle twinkle little star? Kumukutikutitap, Kumukutikutitap. Try that. Try to say it very fast like Kumukutikutitap Kumukutikutitap Kumukutikutitap. Ha ha ha!
8. Mamasamasa "moist"
The next is, Mamasamasa meaning "moist"
You have to be careful of the accent here because masa means moist but there’s another word spelled the same called masa which means, the masses. So masa and ma-sa. So just be careful to say as masa. Mamasamasa.
For example, Mamasamasa pa ang damo. "The grass is still moist."
9. Misteryoso "mysterious"
Next one is Misteryoso meaning “mysterious”
I don’t know if it sounds like it’s easy enough to pronounce like just mysterious becomes misteryos with an o at the end like Spanish people could do it. Misteryoso.
For example,
Siya ay misteryosong babae. Meaning, "She is a mysterious woman."
10. Patalastas "commercial"
Next one is patalastas meaning “commercial.”
This one, I actually had a problem saying this when I was a kid and it’s true. Yeah, I just remember it being very hard for me but yeah, now it’s fine.
For example,
Laging maraming patalastas ang laban ni Manny Pacquiao. "Manny Pacquiao's fights always have a lot of commercials." Because yeah, those things like involve a lot of money. So they need a lot of commercials.
Okay. And that’s it for today. That was 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce. Which do you think is the hardest one to pronounce for you like just comment down below. Do you have any word that you think is hard for me to pronounce and I will accept your challenge. But like if you could think of any word that is hard to pronounce in Filipino, put it in the comments below. Maybe I’ll try to say it for you in the next lesson. Anyway, that’s it for today. Thank you for watching. See you again next time. Thank you. Salamat and paalam.