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Lesson Transcript

Hi, I am Erica and welcome to Filipino top words. Our topic for today is, What Are Your Top 10 Language Learning Goals for the Year?
The first goal is,
1. Tatapusin ko ang Survival Phrases Series sa FIlipinoPod101.com sa pamamagitan ng pakikinig sa dalawang aralin bawat araw.
In English,
“I'll finish Survival Phrases series on FilipinoPod101.com by listening to two lesson a day.”
Yeah, this is very good series to learn because you would be able to survive when you go to the Philippines if you go to the Philippines.
2. Tatapusin ko ang isang libro sa Filipino sa pamamagitan ng pagbabasa ng sampung pahina bawat araw. “I'll finish reading one Filipino book by reading 10 pages a day.”
That’s very good goal actually. Probably, you can finish one book depending on the number of pages in a month, right. So this is actually like dividing one big goal into small achievable goals. So by dividing the number of pages that you’ll read, then you are able to finish one book.
The next goal is,
3. Ipapasa ko ang aking pagsusulit ko sa Filipino. “I'll pass my Filipino test.”
That is a very good goal and I think you should also pass your other test, not just Filipino. This is a good goal in general. By listening to survival phrases and having your number of pages goal, you’ll be able to pass your exams.
4. Maiintindihan ko ng buo ang isang pelikulang Filipino sa pamamagitan ng panunood nito araw-araw. “I'll fully understand one Filipino movie by watching it every day.”
Oh my god! This is dedication. I mean, you can try watching different things like alternate, right? Watch one movie Monday, another movie on Tuesday. Watch the movie that you watched on Monday on Wednesday and then watch the movie you watched on Tuesday on Thursday. At least, there are two movies that you are watching every day alternately right and not just one movie every day. But still I mean even if there are two movies, that still means you have lots of time.
5. Magbibigay ako ng tatlong-minutong introduksyon sa Filipino sa mga kong kaibigang Pilipino. “I'll give a 3-minute introductory speech in Filipino to my Filipino friends.”
Next goal is,
6. Magkakabisa ako ng limang kantang Filipino. “I'll memorize 5 Filipino songs.”
Oh this is really good because as you know, I don’t know if you know but I am now letting you know. Filipinos like to sing and if you watch like contest, singing contests everywhere in the world, there is always going to be a Filipino contestant. And we are most probably going to get into the Top Five, so. So it will be good if you can memorize 5 Filipino songs and when you go to Karaoke with them, you can belt it up and you would really amaze them.
7. Magkakabisa ako ng tatlong daan at limampung salita gamit ang Flashcards sa FilipinoPod101.com “I'll finish memorizing 350 words with Flashcards on FilipinoPod101.com.”
Flashcards is a very good way of learning language because it just like gives you the – it gives you important vocabulary that you can use on a daily basis. So it’s really good to learn new words from flashcards.
8. Magsusulat ako ng sampung postcard sa Filipino para sa aking mga kaibigang Pilipino. “I'll write 10 postcards in Filipino to my Filipino friends.”
It’s really a nice thing, a nice gesture to receive - like to send a postcard written in your language right especially if it’s like really cute way of writing like broken Filipino really cute, nah, cute! So just a clarification because you might be confused by now. It’s not that we are always confused with F &Ps but we are, yes. No, but Filipino refers to the language while Pilipino refers to the people. Because if you refer to a Filipino person in English, then that person will be Filipino but if you are referring to a Filipino person in Filipino, then that will be Pilipino. Wow!
9. Kakabisaduhin ko ang isang daan at limampung salita sa pamamagitan ng pagkakabisa ng limang salita bawat araw. “I'll master 150 words by memorizing 5 words a day.”
Oh wow! This list of goals is just like all numbers like 50 words. 150 words, 5 words. I think you would be really good in Math after this. But that’s a good way to like breakdown as we’ve said your goals into achievable goals.
10. Sasali ako sa organisasyon ng mga Pilipino para makisalamuha sa mga native speakers. “I'll join Filipino organizations to interact with native speakers.”
Oh that is very good goal then because in organizations, you’ll need lots of different people, especially you say if your organization is a hobby-based or even like issue-based, then you would be able to practice your Filipino not just say on the level of greetings and like that small talk but actually via conversations. So that is a very good goal.
We hope that we helped you organize your goals so that you can learn Filipino much easier. So how do you learn Filipino? Salamat!

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