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Lesson Transcript

Hello guys and welcome to Filipino top words. I am Erica and for today, we will learn about gift ideas you must know in Filipino.
1. Laptop "laptop"
The first gift idea is Laptop or “laptop”
Hindi na masyadong uso ang laptop ngayon. "Laptops are no longer trendy recently."
If you give a laptop for gift, you are very generous, right? I mean, they are very cheap laptops but it’s really very generous of you to give – if you’re that generous, just give me.
2. Pabango "perfume"
Pabango or "perfume"
Hindi ko alam kung anong pabango ang mabango. "I don't know which perfume is fragrant."
Giving perfume is a common, it’s a common gift, right? Perfume. When I was in high school, we have a very close teacher and then because every Christmas, we have gift giving and then this teacher picked one of my classmates that he doesn’t really know. So he was asking us, what should I give to this girl? And then we are like, um, we don’t know but we don’t know actually and then he said, oh, what about perfume? And then my immediate reaction was like, oh no, she might be offended. I don’t even know I said that. At the end of the story, he didn’t give her a perfume.
3. Aklat "book"
Aklat or "book"
Ang isa sa pinakamagandang regalong ibigay ay libro. "One of the best gifts to give is a book."
And this I definitely agree with. So I like receiving books.
4. Love letter "love letter"
Next gift idea is love letter or in English, “love letter.”
May mga taong mas gustong makatanggap ng love letter kaysa sa mga materyal na regalo. "There are people who prefer love letters more than any material gift."
And I am not one of those. I am just kidding! My boyfriend gave me a card and I am like, what is this? Because usually you give a card with a gift, right? Like you have a gift and then you have a little card that says, oh, there’s a gift for you. This is not actual gift. But okay, some people just like it simple. That’s why he gave me a bike.
Ice: Aha!
5. Kamera "camera"
Kamera or "camera"
Kapag ba may magandang kamera ka, gaganda rin ang mga kuha mo? "Will your photos improve if you have a good camera?"
In English, it doesn’t sound so sarcastic. In Filipino, it sounds really sarcastic. I don’t know why but I mean, if you’re giving camera as a gift, wow, very generous. It is possible Point and Shoot, 300 pesos, you can get one but if you want to give an SLR, no, it’s too much money, sorry. I am going to give you a love letter then.
6. Smartphone "smartphone"
Smartphone. In English, "smartphone"
Mabilis ang paglabas ng bagong modelo ng smartphone ngayon. "These days, the turnaround of new smartphone models is fast."
But again if you’re going to give smartphone as a gift, that means, you are very generous.
7. Game console "game console"
Next gift idea is Game console or “game console”
High tech na ngayon ang mga game console, halos virtual reality na. "Game consoles nowadays are high tech; it's almost virtual reality."
I think secondhand consoles are kind of cheap. So you can give them as gifts.
8. Diksiyonaryo "dictionary"
Diksiyonaryo or "dictionary"
Mainam iregalo ang isang diksiyonaryo sa nag-aaral ng wikang Filipino. "A dictionary is an ideal gift for those who are studying the Filipino language."
Or probably a subscription for a Filipino language course. That’s a better idea. I have a Kindle because my apartment is kind of small. So I buy books before but I realized that there’s no space for books anymore. So I decided to buy a Kindle. Kindle is not so expensive. And then I get to read more books than before and it saves me space and it doesn’t make any mess in the house because sometimes you just leave books here and there, right? So I think an electronic dictionary is going to be very useful gift especially for someone who is studying the language or as I mentioned, a subscription.
9. Trip sa Boracay "Boracay trip"
Trip sa Boracay or "Boracay trip"
Mabibigla siya pag ililibre mo siya ng trip sa Boracay. "He/she will be surprised if you will treat him/her to a Boracay trip."
So this is a very good gift idea. Or trip to other places like Baguio, closer right? Batangas because we have nice places all around our country.
10. Magarbong kainan "fancy restaurant"
Next gift idea is, Magarbong kainan or "fancy restaurant"
Maraming magarbong kainan sa Manila. "There are a lot of fancy restaurants in Manila."
Online, you can buy vouchers right for discounted tickets – discounted prices for meals in different fancy restaurants. So I remember my brother when we had his, I don’t know how old he is. But when he treated us for his birthday, he bought some vouchers online for this very fancy restaurant. So we went there and then it was his treat and he saved a lot of money and then we ate a lot actually. So you can buy those things online. There are so many places online. Philippine websites right that they sell those gift certificates and vouchers.
So that’s it for this lesson. Hope you learned something new and what other gift ideas do you know and you think your friends would like if you give them that. Give them, them.
Hanggang sa muli!

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