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Lesson Transcript

I need coffee. Hey guys, this is Ice and welcome to another Filipino top words lesson. In this lesson, we are going to discuss 10 Must-Know Autumn Vocabulary Words in Filipino.
1. Okay now, let’s go to the first word.
It’s Sweater meaning "sweater"
You got that one right. Filipinos don’t usually use sweater because it’s hot. There is this place called Baguio, Baguio city, like, north of Manila. It’s cooler there and it’s definitely, like, the summer capital because everyone wants to go to the cooler place. I guess that’s where you might need a sweater or if you want to go to the cinema which has the air con on full blast then maybe you need a sweater. And where would you get a sweater? There is this store that has recently come to the Philippines but it’s a Japanese brand. You know Uniqlo. Well, you could use this sentence,
Maraming murang sweater mabibili sa Uniqlo. Which means, "There are a lot of cheap sweaters that can be bought at Uniqlo."
Well, not actually cheap if you’re earning Filipino peso. Just saying.
2. Okay. Moving on to the next one.
It’s Maulan meaning "rainy"
Ulan means “rain” and we have ma in front of adjectives. So, maulan, maulan means “rainy”
Ayaw ko ng maulan dahil mahirap maglakad. "I don't like rainy days since it's hard to walk."
It’s not, like, gravity is 10 times more powerful if it’s raining. A lot of Filipinos never bring umbrellas. We never check the weather if it’s going to rain or whatever. So, usually people get caught in the rain and just, like, go, like, ahh… rain. I need to get out now. Or they just, like, stay where they are and, like, let the rain pass.
3. The next one is,
Mahangin meaning "windy"
Actually Mahangin is also slang for someone who is, like, super arrogant because it’s, like, a lot of air. It’s, like, yeah, Mahangin.
Kahit hindi mababa ang temperatura, pwede ka pa ring ginawin kung mahangin. "Even if the temperature is not low, you can still catch a chill if it's windy."
4. Okay. The next one is,
Maginaw meaning "cool"
Ang pinakamaginaw na lugar sa Pilipinas ay ang Baguio. "Baguio is the coolest place in the Philippines.", like, temperature wise.
5. Okay. So the next word is definitely something you want to know if you want to talk about autumn. It’s Taglagas.
Taglagas means "autumn"
Walang taglagas sa Pilipinas. "There is no autumn in the Philippines." because of tropical climate, hot and hotter only with a dash of rain and thunder.
6. Next one is,
Malamig which means "cold"
You know what’s good cold? Drinks. Cool drinks. I really want a cool drink right now.
Okay. So, like, maybe you want to compare to cities like Tokyo and Toronto. Which one is colder? Well, in Filipino, you can use this sentence.
Mas malamig ang taglamig sa Toronto kaysa sa Tokyo. "The winter in Toronto is colder than Tokyo."
Yeah. You know the earth closer to the sun, farther from the sun, farther from the sun. It’s colder. Yeay! Science.
7. The next word.
It’s Kastanyas meaning "chestnut"
Okay. For a sample sentence,
Mahilig ang nanay ko sa kastanyas. "My mom is fond of chestnuts."
Um… is my mom fond of chestnuts? I don’t know.
Mommy, mahilig ka ba sa chestnut? Please comment.
8. So the next word is,
Damit na may mahabang manggas or "long-sleeved shirt"
Mas pormal tignan ang damit na may mahabang manggas. "A long-sleeved shirt looks more formal."
9. Next word is,
Mga dahong nalalagas meaning "falling leaves"
Falling leaves…Maybe you are one of those, like, melancholic people and, like, you think that this is so, like, sad and, like, makes you think about life. Well, then you could use this sentence.
Nakakalungkot makita ang mga dahong nalalagas. "It's lonely to see falling leaves."
10. The next one is,
Araw ng Pasasalamat which means "Thanksgiving"
So we also don’t have this in the Philippines. Yeah, if you are American and you want to talk about it, you could also say thanksgiving but, like, if you want to, like, go full Filipino, then please use Araw ng Pasasalamat. It literally means “day of thanking.”
And that’s it for today. That was 10 Must-Know Autumn Vocabulary and I hope you could use some of that words to, like, tell your autumn stories. Anyway guys, do you have any other autumn words that you want to know to be said in Filipino or, like, do you have any other climate questions. Just leave them in the comments and I will check it out. I usually do but I am also, like, shy in replying. Please tell me what you think as well, like, do you have any other topics that you want us to discuss here in FilipinoPod101? Thank you. See you again next time. Salamat Paalam.
I will be leaving now. Yay!