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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to Filipino top words with me, Ice and today’s topic is,
20 Words You'll Need for the Beach.
1. Okay, the first word is,
Shades. Shades actually means "sunglasses" because it shades your eyes from the sun.
For example,
Pahiram naman ng shades mo. "Can I borrow your sunglasses?"
2. Okay. The next one is,
Tabing-dagat meaning "beach"
Nakatira ako malapit sa tabing-dagat. "I live near the beach."
I feel like it’s peaceful and you could hear the waves crashing. Let’s just hope that it’s not a huge wave crashing into your house. Yeah. Beach.
3. Paglangoy "swimming"
Ang paglangoy ay kayang matutunan ng lahat. "Swimming is a skill that everyone can learn."
I still have a hope.
4. Araw meaning "sun"
Mas gusto ko ang araw kaysa sa buwan. "I prefer the sun to the moon."
5. Kabibe or "seashell"
Mahilig akong mangolekta ng kabibe. "I enjoy collecting seashells."
Why I do?
6. Swimsuit which is definitely, has the same meaning as "swimsuit"
Bawal ang hindi naka swimsuit sa swimming pool na ito. "Those who are not wearing swimsuits are not allowed in the swimming pool."
I just come in with, like, T-Shirt and shorts. I can’t go in.
7. Tagapagsagip meaning "lifeguard"
We usually just call them lifeguards anyway.
Huwag kang lalayo sa hindi tanaw ng tagapagsagip. "Don't go far away beyond the watch of the lifeguard."
Yeah because, like, if he can’t see you drowning, he can’t come and save you.
8. Jet ski.
I am not even saying the meaning for this one because you know what it is.
Mayayaman lang ang nakakabili ng sariling jet ski. "Only those who are rich can buy their own jet ski."
Yeah because it’s expensive and you don’t need it for daily life.
9. Okay. Next is,
Beach chair meaning "beach chair"
For example, Ayokong lumangoy kaya doon na lang ako sa may beach chairs. "I don't want to swim so I'll just stay by the beach chairs."
10. Sandcastle which means "sandcastle"
Hindi ko na-enjoy ang paggawa ng sand castle noong bata pa ako dahil parati na lang itong inaalon ng tubig. "I never enjoyed building sandcastles when I was young since it kept being washed away."
Like I never really built sandcastles when I was young. It’s more of, like, let’s bury someone in the sand. Yeay! And make, like, mermaid figures of them. Yeah, you get what I mean.
11. Okay. The next one is,
Palamigan meaning "cooler"
This is kind of straightforward. Lamig means cold or cool and, like, if you put the prefix pa and the suffix, an, it’s going to be like the place where. So it’s like the place where cold. But actually yeah, most people will just call it a coleman. Yeah, it’s one of those brand names that became common name.
For example,
Siguraduhing niyong dalhin ang palamigan sa beach para masarap ang inumin. "Make sure to bring the cooler on the beach so that our drinks would be thirst-quenching."
Because, like, everywhere it’s hot. So we like our drinks cold. Cooler is a must have.
12. Okay. Next is,
Laki ng tubig or "tide"
Usually in the Philippines, we just call it either high tide or low tide but anyway, you could use it in the sample sentence.
Hindi ako marunong tumingin sa pagpalit ng laki ng tubig "I don't know how to observe the change of tides."
I guess if it’s, like, low, it’s low tide and if it’s high, it’s high tide. There is this expression if you ask Filipinos, like, how many islands are there in the Philippines, they would ask you back, “in high tide or low tide?”
13. Kulay-balat meaning "tan"
Bakit ang mga may kulay-balat ay gustong magpaputi at ang mga maputi naman ay gustong magkakulay-balat? "Why is it that people with tan skin want to have pale skin and people with pale skin want to have tan skin?”
This is so true. Just be proud of your skin color.
14. Next is,
Snorkeling meaning "snorkeling"
May magandang snorkeling spot sa Coron, Palawan. "There is a nice snorkeling spot in Coron, Palawan."
If you want to go to a beach in the Philippines, please go to Palawan because it’s very beautiful.
15. Tsinelas or "flip-flop"
Hindi na kailangang magdala ng sapatos pag pupunta sa beach. Tsinelas na lang. "There is no need to bring shoes when going to the beach. Just wear flip-flops."
Tsinelas is part of, like, Filipino culture. It’s like the footwear you use at home. It’s also the footwear the parents might use if you are being naughty.
16. Sunblock or "sunscreen"
Kailangang maglagay ng sunblock dahil hindi maganda sa katawan ang matinding sikat ng araw. "It's necessary to put on sunscreen because the strong UV rays is not good for your skin."
Yeah, this is very important because, like, the sun could be very damaging to your skin.
17. Bikini meaning "bikini"
Bihira lang ang naka bikini sa beach sa Pilipinas. "It's quite rare for people to wear bikinis at the beaches in the Philippines."
I never really, like, tried to count who has bikinis and who has swimsuits and who has just T-Shirts and shorts. Everyone is free.
18. Beach volleyball meaning "beach volleyball"
There is an easy one for you.
Beach volleyball ang usong sport pag tag-init. "Beach volleyball is a trendy sport during the summer."
19. Okay. The next word is,
Puno ng niyog “coconut tree”
Noong bata kami, mahilig kaming umakyat sa puno ng niyog. “When we were young, we liked to climb the coconut trees.” So that you get the coconuts.
20. The next one is,
Pamaypay meaning “fan”
Gusto kong bumili ng pamaypay. “I want to buy a fan.”
Yeah, like, if it’s hot, you just need a fan or a lot of fans.
We also use fans for barbecuing. So it’s very popular during the summer.
Okay. So, that’s it. That’s the 20 Words You'll Need for the Beach. And actually if you know more words that you could use in the beach, just put them in the comments below. Thank you, salamat and paalam!

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