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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, kamusta. My name is Erica and welcome to Filipino top words. So our topic for today is 10 Things to Do in the Summer in the Philippines.
1. First word is,
Mag-biyahe sa ibang bansa "to travel abroad"
The first word is,
Mag-biyahe sa ibang bansa which means "to travel abroad"
Mag-babiyahe ako sa ibang bansa pag may nakita akong murang plane tiket. "I'll travel abroad when I find a cheap plane ticket."
So my favorite place actually is El Nido. It’s really, what you call it, like it’s very calm. The water is not cold, it’s not warm. It’s just perfect. So you will enjoy it. So start booking now.
2. Mag-relaks sa beach "to relax at the beach"
Next we have Mag-relaks sa beach which means "to relax at the beach"
Abril ang buwan na pinakamainam na mag-relaks sa beach. "April is the best month to relax on the beach."
So actually for this month, it is now something like 30 degrees to 40 degrees and April and March are considered the hottest months in the country.
3. Mag-aral ng Filipino gamit ang FilipinoPod101.com "to learn Filipino with FilipinoPod101.com"
Mag-aral ng Filipino gamit ang FilipinoPod101.com which means, "to learn Filipino with FilipinoPod101.com"
So for example, if you really, like, are very eager to learn Filipino this summer, you can say,
Subukan mong mag-aral ng Filipino gamit ang FilipinoPod101.com at kasama ang mga kaibigan mong Pilipino. "Try learning Filipino using FilipinoPod101.com with your Filipino friends."
4. Matutong magluto ng pagkaing Pilipino "to learn to cook Filipino food"
So if you want to use it in a sentence, in Filipino, you can say,
Kung gusto mong matuto ng pagkaing Pilipino, magsimula ka sa adobo. In English, you can say, "If you want to learn to cook Filipino food, start with adobo."
Because this is the easiest thing to cook.
5. Mag-ihaw "to have a barbeque"
Next word is Mag-ihaw which means, "to have a barbeque"
Pinakamainam ang mag-ihaw ng manok sa beach. "It is best to have a chicken barbeque on the beach."
You can actually barbeque other stuff like from chicken, pork to innards. We even have a coagulated blood.
6. Mag-party magdamag "to party all night"
Next word is, Mag-party magdamag "to party all night"
Huwag kang masyadong mag lasing kung gustong mag-party magdamag. "Don't get drunk if you want to party all night."
In the summer, it’s best to party all night and actually in many – say Boracay, if you go to Boracay, there are lots of parties all night with bonfire, lots of music, drinking. So if you want to experience all of these, book a cheap ticket now and come to the Philippines.
7. Mag-hiking "to go hiking"
Mag-hiking. In English, "to go hiking"
For example, we can say,
Kung gusto mong mag-hiking, siguraduhin mo muna na kaya ng katawan mo. "If you want to go hiking, make sure your body can handle it."
So now it’s very what you call this is like a thing for young people to climb Mount Pulag which is the third highest peak in the country. According to Google, it’s in Nueva Vizcaya which is in a bit north of Manila.
8. Magsaya kasama ang mga kaibigan "to have fun with friends"
Magsaya kasama ang mga kaibigan In English, "to have fun with friends"
Mas mainam pang magsaya kasama ang mga kaibigan kaysa na mag-party magdamag. "It's better to have fun with friends than to party all night."
So much not funnier but you can do anything that you want since its summer. No one will judge you. It’s summer.
9. Dumalo ng summer school "to attend summer school"
Next word is, Dumalo ng summer school "to attend summer school"
So in Filipino, you can use it in a sentence like,
Kaysa sa maglaro ka lang ng komputer sa bahay, mas mabuti pang dumalo ka na lang sa summer school. "Instead of just playing computer games at home, it's better if you attend the summer school."
10. Manatili sa bahay at mag-internet "to stay inside and browse the Internet"
For example, you can say in Filipino,
Pag tinatamad akong lumabas, nananatili lang ako sa bahay at nag-i-internet. "When I'm too lazy to go out, I just stay at home and browse the internet."
You put on nice clothes and then the moment you step out of the door, you just melt. So I kind of understand, like, how some people would want to just stay indoors during summer and so what you can do is to browse the internet. Wow!
And that was it. Thank you very much for watching this video. This has been 10 Things to Do in the Summer in the Philippines. Salamat!
(Singing) “Tara byahe tayo”