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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I am Ice and welcome to another lesson in Filipino top words. Today’s lesson is, 15 Favorite Words (Chosen by Fans) Fans!
1. Okay. The first word is,
Bakasyon which means "vacation"
I think I know why this one is a chosen word because like everyone wants a vacation. Yes, everyone. Of course since everyone wants a vacation, then, most people would be asking this.
Kailan ang susunod nating bakasyon? This means, "When is our next vacation?"
When is our next vacation? Don’t know.
Well, on your next vacation, go to the Philippines and you’ll have a lot of fans.
2. Balut "balut"
Our next favorite word chosen by “fans” is Balut. I think it’s also translated as “balut” because it’s a type of food. Some people might not call it food especially vegetarians and vegans. But balut is, it’s duck egg which has an almost duck inside. Anyway, it’s actually very nice. I don’t really eat the duck. I mean, I give it to my mom but the other parts are nice. Anyway, as an example,
Masarap ang balut. This means "Balut is delicious."
I think it is but I don’t think that’s the only opinion about it.
3. Okay. Our next favorite word is,
Kaibigan meaning "friend"
Let me say something about this word because like you have to say it like this. Ka-ibigan, Ka-ibigan because Ka-ibigan is friend but when you twist it a bit and say it like this, ka-ibigan, ka-ibigan, that’s kind of it’s not really a natural way of saying it but it actually means “lover.” So like when you tease your friends that like you think might be getting together, you say, like, “are you sure you are kaibigan or ka-ibigan? And you know, there’s a saying, quality over quantity. So maybe for people who don't have much friends, you could use this sentence.
Kakaunti lang ang aking kaibigan. This means, "I only have a few friends."
So yeah, it’s not always about the quantity.
4. Kumusta? "How are you?"
Well, for Spanish people out there, you might recognize this a bit because it comes from the Spanish como estas because you know, long time ago, 300 years of Spanish colonizations will make your language have some Spanish things in them. Definitely remember this and here is one point that you should know but when Filipino people actually ask you kumusta, it’s not just how English speaking people will say “how are you?” And then it’s just like a greeting. When Filipino actually ask kumusta, they really want to know how you are. So people really answer back how they are.
5. Another favorite word chosen by fans is,
Kape "coffee"
And you know, if you want to order coffee, you want to know how to say it so that you could order it every day because some people do not exist without coffee. Well, they are technically not yet alive without coffee in them. So remember this word kape. For some people, this is not true. This is actually not true for me but if it is true, you could use this sentence.
Hindi ako mahilig sa kape. This means, "I don't like coffee."
Please forgive me. It’s just a sample sentence like I do. I do like coffee.
6. Maganda which means "beautiful"
Yeah I like this word. I do like this. Why do I like this? Because it’s nice. It’s beautiful.
Anyway if like you know someone called Maria and you think they are beautiful, you could use this sentence,
Maganda si Maria. Which means "Maria is beautiful."
Well, basically you could just add any other name you want to put in there to mean that they are beautiful and I think it will make their day or you could just say Maganda ka which means, “you are beautiful” Yeah. Definitely make a habit of saying that to people.
7. Okay. The next word is,
Magmahal "to love"
It also kind of means, well, not kind of. It also means sometimes to get expensive. So make sure you are using in the right context.
Ang magmahal ay mag sakripisyo. Which means, "To love is to sacrifice."
8. Okay. Our next favorite word is,
Malusog which means "healthy"
Yeah, I guess you want this word to be true for you and your family. But it’s also kind of – Filipino is such a difficult language. Everything has a double meaning. So when someone says you are malusog, it’s either you are healthy or you are basically not thin meaning you are like healthy and growing sideways. Anyway, context! context! But yeah, usually it means healthy like in this example.
Mag-ehersisyo nang sapat upang maging malusog. "Exercise enough to be healthy."
So you see from this context that Malusog is healthy and not growing sideways.
9. Our next favorite word is,
Maniwala meaning "to believe"
Why do you think it’s a favorite word? Maybe you could help me figure this out. You could put your comments in the comments section. Anyway, you might need this example some time in your life when you want someone to believe in you.
Maniwala ka sa akin. "Believe me."
This means, believe in me. Yes, please believe that I am not a Filipino. Please believe that I know Filipino. Because I am Filipino.
10. Masaya "happy"
It’s nice to be happy. So this word is a lot of peoples’ favorite word. And since a lot of people can be happy, a lot of people can also be cheesy and they could say this to someone that they are happy to see and it is,
Masaya akong makita kang muli. This means, "I am happy to see you again."
Well, I am happy to see you again here and I hope you are happy to see me again here. So let’s be happy together.
11. Matulog meaning "to sleep"
Although it seems like people like the word for coffee which is kape, but I think a lot more people like this word better. Yeah, if you don’t want to feel like a zombie in the morning, this is always what is advised to me and that is,
Matulog ka nang maaga. This means, "You should sleep early."
Which is technically impossible right now because it’s like 1:30 in the morning and I have a lot of fans to work with. (Yawning)
12. Here is our next favorite word.
Pera. This means "money"
Can I borrow money? I guess not. I know this word is the favorite for a lot of people but I think a lot of people also want to know what this sentence is in Filipino?
Wala akong pera. Which means, "I have no money."
So I cannot treat you anything but if we have love, that’s enough I think.
13. Respeto meaning "respect"
This is easy to remember but it’s not very easy to remember to have most of the time I think. So something you should remember, not just the word. And so, as example sentence, I think this applies mostly to everyone.
Lahat ay gusto ng respeto. This means, "Everyone wants respect."
And I think everyone deserves respect. I mean, if they give respect in return. I don’t know. It’s that vicious cycle.
14. Okay. Our next favorite word is,
Salamat. Which means, "Thank you."
This is a very, very good word to remember and should be in your top favorite words. Salamat, it’s easy to remember but like most people do not remember how to reply to Salamat in Filipino as well which is Walang anuman. You could always just say, “you’re welcome.”
15. Okay. The next word is,
Nahihilo meaning “dizzy”
I wonder why people like this word Nahihilo. I mean, I myself do not like this word because I do not want to be dizzy. If someone invites you to go to a merry-go-round and you can’t really hack it, you could say this sentence.
Nahihilo ako sa merry-go-round. This means, “I get dizzy riding the merry-go-round.”
If you are in the Philippines and you go to a favorite and only amusement park near Manila, you probably know what the Flying Fiesta is and surely people are nahihilo in the Flying Fiesta.
Okay. So that’s 15 Favorite Words Chosen by Fans. Well, I hope you learned some favorite words or like I hope you found your favorite words from that list or if you have any other favorite words like why don’t you? I mean favorite words in Filipino or favorite words in your language that you want to be translated in Filipino. Just comment it in the comments section. I hope you liked this video and I will see you next time.
Hanggang sa muli. Salamat!


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