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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, kamusta. My name is Erica and welcome to Filipino top words. Our topic for today is, 10 Ways to Save the Planet in Filipino.
1. Mag boluntaryo "to volunteer"
Pagkatapos ng sakuna, maraming oportunidad mag boluntaryo. "After a disaster, there are a lot of opportunities to volunteer."
2. Protektahan "to protect"
Protektahan which means "to protect"
Kailangan nating protektahan ang mga nanganganib na uri ng hayop. In English, "We need to protect endangered species."
Actually in Filipino, we use lots of English words. So we can say,
Kailangan nating protektahan ang mga endangered species.
3. Mag reuse "to reuse"
Ang pag reuse ay isang paraan ng pagtipid. In English, "Reusing is one way of saving."
4. Pangalagaan "to conserve"
Pangalagaan which means "to conserve"
In Filipino, Pangalagaan natin ang mga likas na yaman. "Let’s conserve natural resources."
5. Mag-bawas ng basura "to reduce trash"
Kailangan mag-bawas ng basura ang mga industriya. "Industries need to reduce their wastes."
Don’t say it as um-ga. Say it as ma-nga.
6. Pangalagaan ang kalikasan "to care for the environment"
Pangalagaan natin ang kalikasan para sa susunod na henerasyon. "Take care of the environment for future generations."
Which is actually true.
7. Gumamit ng mga produktong eco-friendly "to use eco-friendly products"
Gumamit ng mga produktong eco-friendly which means, "to use eco-friendly products"
Ang pagdala ng tote bag sa pamimili sa grocery ay isang paraan ng paggamit ng produktong eco-friendly. "Bringing a tote bag to the grocery store is a way of using eco-friendly products."
8. Magtipid ng tubig "to conserve water"
Dapat tayong magtipid ng tubig dahil hindi lahat ay may sapat na tubig. Beware. "We need to conserve water because not everyone has sufficient water."
9. Bumuo ng parke "to build parks"
Isang magandang idea ang bumuo ng parke sa gitna ng lungsod. "It’s a good idea to build a park in the center of the city."
10. Gumamit ng pampublikong transportasyon "to use public transportation"
Gumamit tayo ng pampublikong transportasyon para mabawasan ang CO2 emissions. "Let's use public transportation to reduce CO2 emissions."
So that was it for the Filipino top words, 10 Ways to Save the Planet in Filipino. What you guys do to save our planet and if you reuse reduce recycle. Thank you. Bye bye! Paalam!

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