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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I am Erica and welcome to Filipino top words. The lesson for today is, The Top 10 Tourist Attractions in the Philippines.
The first tourist attraction is,
1. Hagdan-hagdang Palayan ng Banaue “Banaue Rice Terraces”
Ang Hagdan-hagdang Palayan ng Banaue ay gawa ng mga taga Ifugao. “The Banaue Rice Terraces were made by the Ifugaos.”
So Ifugao is part of the Cordillera Autonomous Region, right and then that area actually is very mountainous. So it’s very hard to plant anything, not that it’s really hard but then the topography of the place, it’s not really easy to like do agriculture. So what many of the Ifugao people there, they want to carve the side of the mountain into the sort of like rice, to the sort of terraces now. That’s why we called Hagdan-hagdang literally like stairs because they look like stairs and then on those flat areas, then now, you can plant rice. But this is a very nice place. So if you want to experience nature, then please come to the Rice Terraces.
The next tourist destination is,
2. Boracay “Boracay”
Boracay ang isa sa pinakasikat na beach sa Pilipinas. “Boracay is one of the most popular beaches in the Philippines.”
It can be a bit crowded but it still has one of the most beautiful fine sand beaches I’ve seen, right. You can choose different places where you want to stay because there are so many. Also so many tourists and now actually because they wanted to clean up the beach, also clean up the water. So they are closing it for six months and hopefully like it’s going to be better because it’s a very good place, very, very popular place.
So the next top destination is,
3. Palawan “Palawan”
Paborito kong isla ang Palawan dahil sa dami ng pwedeng mapuntahan na pang turista. “Palawan is my favorite island because of its numerous tourist destinations.”
So we went to Palawan I think in 2015. So we went there in 2015 with some friends. It was actually very easy to do island hopping. There's this popular place to go in Palawan, it's El Nido. The underground river is a very popular place to visit. Everything is protected in Palawan. It also boasts of lots of Flora and Fauna. And natural resources, Palawan is very, very rich.
So the next place is,
4. Surigao del Norte “Surigao del Norte”
Kung gusto mong mag surfing, punta na sa Surigao del Norte. “If you want to go surfing, then go to Surigao del Norte.”
I actually haven’t been to Surigao del Norte. But I’ve seen pictures and it’s a really good place for surfing but Surigao del Norte is a bit on the south but on the side of the Pacific Ocean. So the waves there are much stronger. So it’s very good for surfing if you are into such sports. I would want to go there one day.
So the next place is,
5. Cebu “Cebu”
Ang Cebu ay kombinasyon ng mga isla at mga lungsod na may mahabang kasaysayan. “Cebu is a combination of islands and cities, with a rich history.”
If you still, if you want a calmer place but still want say the city, then, you can go to Cebu and just like take say 5 hour, 3 hour drive to somewhere, you will end up in a very nice beach. So for instance when we were there, we went to Bantayan island and it’s really like one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen because it’s really quiet. No one is there just like long stretches of shoreline. The water is very blue, very calm, very, very nice.
So the next place is,
6. Davao “Davao”
Ang Davao ang isa sa pinaka matiwasay na lungsod sa Pilipinas. “Davao is one of the safest cities in the Philippines.”
So I’ve been to Davao I think twice. Really clean city. Really – and the thing that I enjoyed most in Davao is Tuna. Davao is known for Tuna and Durian, right also? And Tuna there, it’s very affordable and very, very good and very, very fresh. I was there with some of my Japanese colleagues and every day we are eating Tuna. It’s Tuna, Tuna, Tuna but we liked it. So we ordered like Tuna belly or Tuna cheek or Tuna jaw or Tuna head. It is the same thing like the entire tuna but chopped. So, if you want to eat really good Tuna in Durian, please come to Davao.
The next place is,
7. Vigan “Vigan”
Makikita mo sa Vigan ang mga arkitektura mula pa noong panahon ng mga Kastila. “You could find in Vigan, architecture from the Spanish colonial period.”
So I went there with my friends. One of them is from Chile. So when we arrived in Vigan, his immediate reaction was like, oh, this reminds me of my town. So it really looks like it’s an old like a Spanish town like a small Spanish town and Vigan is a very small cute town, right and then it’s famous for empanada, bagnet. Bagnet is like a crispy pork but in Vigan, you dip it in Vinegar because they use a special sausage which is a Vigan sausage, right which is kind of like more garlicky than other longganisa we call it.
So the next place is,
8. Talon ng Pagsanjan “Pagsanjan Falls”
Ang Talon ng Pagsanjan ang isa sa pinakasikat na Talon sa Pilipinas. “Pagsanjan Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the Philippines.”
I remember when I was a kid. So we went there with my family and we have so much relatives. So we were there in really big group and I remember, they were telling me that there is kind of like a legend that it’s dangerous to swim across Pagsanjan Falls because usually in most lakes, right, they say that it’s dangerous to swim across because then something like pulls you down. Something, something at Legend water or something. So when we were there, we were on these rafts. So it was kind of scary but also very fun because Pagsanjan Falls is a very, very pretty place and it’s really, really clean water, really, really fresh. So natury. Is there such a word, natury? But really, really nice place and then we were just having like barbeque, some grilled fish and stuff. Really, really nice experience.
The next is,
9. Bicol “Bicol”
Sa Bicol makikita ang Bulkang Mayon na may halos perpektong hugis apa. “In Bicol, one can see Mayon Volcano, which has an almost perfect cone shape.”
In Bicol, one can see Mayon volcano which has an almost perfect cone shape. But it’s very, very beautiful. It’s really perfect cone. So if Japan has Mount Fuji, Philippines has Mount Mayon. It’s the most beautiful. It’s really perfect like really perfect like the slopes are very gentle and its super perfect cone shape.
The next place is,
10. Tubbataha Reef “Tubbataha Reef”
Ang larawan ng Tubbataha Reef ay makikita sa isang libong pisong salapi. “The Tubbataha Reef can be seen on the 1000-peso bill.”
Again I don’t have any 1000-peso with me because I am poor. Tubbataha Reef is a very important place because it's an ecosystem, right. Many different aqua, aquatic creatures live there. So if we are going to be diving in those areas, please be careful and be responsible and just be responsible tourists in general.
So that is for the end of this lesson and I hope you learned something new. Hanggang sa muli.