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Lesson Transcript

Hi. Welcome everyone. I am Erica and welcome to Filipino top words. For today, our lesson is, the Top 10 Phrases Your Parents Always Say. So let’s see what your parents usually say to you.
1. Mag-ingat ka. “Be careful.”
So usually your parents will say this to you if you are leaving the house or usually send you a text, oh, be careful. Or sometimes they will jokingly say, Mag-ingat sila sayo. In English, they should be careful of you because you are a danger to society. Look at you.
2. Tumahimik ka. “Be quiet.”
So usually if you are very loud, your parents will tell this to you. Your mom might be mad because you said something or you are just talking back, right and then she’ll say, Tumahimik ka or just like sometimes you are just like very talkative and your mom is like watching TV, some Soap Opera and she will say, Tumahimik ka.
3. Magtino ka nga. “Behave.”
The weight of the meaning in Filipino is kind of different in English, right because in English, you would just say, okay behave but in Filipino, it’s as if like you did something really bad. This is like if you watch many like say family dramas or very dramatic movies, Filipino movies, there is always the scene where the dad is telling the kid, Magtino ka nga.
4. Gawin mo ang iyong takdang aralin! “Do your homework!”
This is very useful and this is something that you would always hear from your parents especially if you have a helicopter mom, right? Helicopter mom is like those moms that are usually over – this is real, this is real. Helicopter parenting. It’s a parent who pays extremely close attention to a child or children’s experiences and problems particularly at educational institutions. You know those kinds of parents who are always waiting. Actually my mom is like that. No, she is not helicopter mom but she is always like waiting outside the school waiting for me to come out of the school. I think my mom just hangs out there because she has many friends. Doesn’t really care.
5. Matulog ka na. “Go to bed.”
I actually go to bed earlier than my mom. So I tell her let’s go to bed because I just want to sleep. I don’t know what she is doing. This is a very common phrase that I hear between my mom and my sister because my sister, I don’t know she watches so much telenovelas in the evening.
6. Magbibilang ako hanggang tatlo. “I'm going to count to three.”
But my mom just counts to one. I don’t know if she’s really good at counting but she just counts to one and then like pah… right?
7. Tumigil ka. “Stop.”
I don’t know. It’s a common thing to hear from your mom because I know she is just always irritated. She is always irritated. You do something and there is like tumigil ka. You do something. Tumigil ka, right? I remember my sister is always initiating fights, not me. She is always starting the fight and she just bites. I mean, she starts biting. I am just like, no I am out. I am out. I don’t want this. I didn’t ask for this.
8. Anong sinabi mo? “What did you say?”
When you say something a bit like they didn’t like it when you say it or how you said it, the words you used, they would say, what did you say but I think they just have like a problem with their hearing.
9. Hindi ako nagbibiro. “I'm not kidding.”
Yeah. You should understand this when she says this and usually she is not kidding because she is always like, I am not kidding. If you don’t stop this, right. Hindi ako nagbibiro. Kung hindi ka tumigil… Kung hindi ka titigil… blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Then, a long list of the stuff that she won’t do or she would do, depending right? She won’t do. For instance, she won’t like cook anymore. She won’t help you with your homework or stuff like that. Moms are always not kidding.
10. Patayin na ang TV. Kung hindi... “Turn the TV off now. Or else...”
So that is the same thing, the same scenario that I was talking about when she says I am not kidding or else because there is always an or else, right? So, turn off the TV or turn off the PC right. Patayin mo na ang TV, Patayin mo na ang PC. Or else… Kung hindi… and then a list of things that she would do or she won’t do.
So this is the end of our lesson. What does your mom usually tell you?