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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Erica and welcome to Filipino top words. Our lesson for today is very exciting and it’s about the Top 10 Phrases You'll Need for a Date.
1. Gusto mo bang kumain sa labas nang magkasama? "Would you like to go out to dinner with me?"
The first phrase or sentence that you would need is,
Gusto mo bang kumain sa labas nang magkasama? In English, "Would you like to go out to dinner with me?"
Yeah, it’s a bit too formal but I think that’s how it should be right like because dates are serious things. So first, you have to introduce yourself. Probably I would assume that this is already by the time that they are friends, right. Then, you would say, oh, do you like to go out to dinner with me? Would you like to have drinks, blah, blah, snacks. Or if this girl is a tita, you would say, “Would you like to have tea with me?”
2. Libre ka ba sa katapusan ng linggo? "Are you free this weekend?"
Probably that’s when his salary is going to come. That’s why he is asking this weekend but I think it’s a good time for everyone, weekend, right unless they work on the weekends, then it might be hard. Or you can say, are you free this evening, right? Then you would say, Llibre ka ba mamayang gabi? Or bukas ng gabi? Mamayang gabi? Meaning later tonight? Or bukas ng gabi? Meaning tomorrow night, right? So it’s Libre ka ba sa and then your time or the date when you want. You can be specific say on Friday, the 13th or something like that, right? November 1, right? December 25. So are you free this weekend? Are you free tomorrow? Are you free this Saturday?
3. Gusto mo bang lumabas nang magkasama? "Would you like to hang out with me?"
Probably this guy doesn’t have money this time because he’d just like to hang out or no. I think because…
Ice: Window shopping.
Erica: Yeah because it’s not about dinner, right or it’s just like hanging out. What do you really mean when you say hang out? This is like a question. I always think like oh yeah, hanging out. If you say you want to go out somewhere, it usually means the mall because the mall is place with air conditioner.
4. Ang cute mo sobra. "You are so cute."
Ang cute mo sobra. Which means "You are so cute."
When you’re already together and you find each other too cute…
Ice: Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Erica: Right. And that’s when you’d say, oh, you are so cute. I am so Gigil. Gigil is like this feeling that you feel that you cannot like contain because this person is so cute. I combined this word with kilig. Kilig is like this feeling. Now, it’s in the Oxford dictionary, Kilig. So you can surf it.
Ice: Um, yeah, yeah.
Erica: Yes, yes. So it’s part of now the Oxford dictionary. So kilig is like this feeling to describe, it’s like this feeling that you feel when you are in love, right. Anyway, so we have this word kilig and then gigil and I usually combine kilig-gigil. It’s just like you are so kilig. That’s why you are so gigil. Do you understand?
Ice: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
Erica: So it’s kilig-gigil and that’s single word for you.
5. Ang ganda mo. "You look great."
Ang ganda mo. That’s rather sarcastic.
Again, Ang ganda mo. "You look great."
So if you are really like going on a date with this person and you see this person like looking so pretty or so handsome, then you can say, Ang ganda mo or Ang gwapo mo, right for male. Gwapo is handsome. Yeah, not necessarily males, they are kind of like masculine figure. That’s still like dichotomy. Right, It’s hard. Filipino language is just their words are not gendered but their like adjectives are very gendered. So you can just say in English, “you look great.”
[*Mi amore] No that’s Italian.
6. Tatawagan kita. "I'll call you."
It’s like a job.
Ice: Yeah.
Erica: I’d like to call you. I am sorry. You didn’t get the job. It can mean like I am going to call you when you get home, I am going to call you before you sleep. I am going to call you in the morning. So kita is like a combined pronoun for me to you, something like that. So it’s almost literally like I am going to make a call from me to you, right. That’s how it means.
7. Ipag-drive na kita pauwi. "I will drive you home."
So this is if your boyfriend or girlfriend has a car to drive you home. Otherwise you will have to walk home. No, you need a train. Get on the train, endure like a so long way in the train, finally get home. I don’t know. So hard. No, you can take a cab. I mean…
Ice: Uber.
Erica: If you are independent woman, do you need to be driven? No. Or your own bike. I have my own bike.
8. Anong oras tayo magkikita bukas? "What time shall we meet tomorrow?"
You already asked the person, do you want to hang out with me. The person said yes. Then now, you would schedule the time because you have to be on time because you have to make good impressions, right because otherwise sorry. So, how do you answer this? You can say, oh, let’s meet at 9 AM if you are going for like to jog together right? That’s also good like activity like a couple activity right or you can say, let’s meet at 7 PM for dinner. So, you would say,
Magkita tayo ng alas-siete ng gabi. Or in English, “let’s meet at 7 PM.”
9. Pwede ba kitang makita muli? "Can I see you again?"
No. So hmm yeah. Can I see you again? It’s like you are asking for a second date, right?
So after you get done in the first date and then things are okay, you had a great evening. You can say, oh, can I see you again? Pwede ba kitang makita muli? What time shall we meet then tomorrow if you decide to have it tomorrow.
10. Pwede ba tayong pumunta sa ibang lugar? "Shall we go somewhere else?"
So what do you mean when you say go somewhere else? You have to be specific. Probably you are just like bored of the place where you are always going to or you want to go somewhere else if you know what I mean. So it’s up to you. You can use this. Go. Go ahead and multiply. Go! Malls in the Philippines are so fun.
So that’s it for the end of this lesson. Hope you learned something new. And where would you bring your date? How would you ask your date to date you? Where would you bring this person? So, tell us in the comments section. Hanggang sa muli!
There is a joke in Filipino. Now, when you say someone is cute, one of their…
Ice: Friends?
Erica: Legs is shorter. Do you know it?
Ice: Huh!
Erica: I don’t even know. Probably this is just with my friends. I don’t know. Probably not your friends because you have this like um.