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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, this is Ice. Welcome to another lesson of Filipino top words. Today, we are going to discuss 10 Must-Know Vocabulary for the Restaurant. Food is definitely a big thing in the Philippines and if you come to the Philippines, you need to try a lot of things. Everyone says it’s kind of cheap in Philippines. So, try as much as you want. Let’s go!
1. Waiter "waiter"
It’s one of those English words which just like ends up in Filipino language as well. Waiter.
So as example sentence maybe you are not used to having all male waiters all the time. So, here is the sentence for you.
Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng kainan na puro lalaki ang waiter. "This is my first time in a restaurant with all male waiters."
Maybe it’s just that shift when you were in, it was all just waiters for that shift.
2. Waitress "waitress"
Well in English, it is waiter and then of course, if it’s a female server, then you would say waitress and that’s also what we have gotten from English, we just also call them waitress. Waitress means waitress.
For example, if you now go to a restaurant and like oh, you know, someone, the waitress is serving there, you could use this sentence.
Kilala ko ang waitress na iyon. "I know that waitress."
Well maybe you should ask for her autograph. Don’t ask for a discount. Come on guys, like she’s working. So like pay her and give her tip even if you know her.
3. Menu meaning "menu"
It’s actually spelled the same way but because in Filipino, we have a tendency to pronounce things the way they are written. So if it’s written menu, there is no Y in there. So why would we say it as a menu, it’s menu and if there’s just a smaller amount of things you could see from the menu, you could use this sentence.
Napakakaunti ng pagpipilian sa menu nila. "They have very few selections on their menu."
Well, it’s very good for people who can’t decide like me. So sometimes it’s not really a bad thing. Actually like having tons of things in menu may actually be like, oh my god, this is going to take forever and maybe it just is more efficient if – and also yeah, if they have so many things in the menu, then they have to prepare that all like in the kitchen. So you don’t know if like it might take you longer to get your food if they have more things on their menu. So be thankful that there is only just a very few selections on your menu.
4. Umorder "to order"
In case you are one of those people who get “hangry” which means angry when you are getting hungry, then you might want to memorize this sentence.
Umorder na tayo kasi gutom na ako. "Let's order because I'm hungry."
You know, there is always that one person who always like wants to [*chika] like wants to gossip before even looking at the menu. So sometimes you just have to be like just let’s order because I guess it’s going to take them a while to prepare our food and I am already hungry. So like just look at the menu already and order first before we do any [*chika] or taking pictures or taking selfie.
5. Tubig meaning "water"
This is one of my favorite things in the restaurant, tubig because you know in Philippines, it’s hot and it’s like you just like after walking around all day or doing shopping or something, then, you just want to sit down and like get that like very refreshing cold water, yeah. But not only is it refreshing. It’s also good for you. So just like in this sentence,
Mag tubig lang tayo kasi libre na maganda pa para sa kalusugan. "Let's just have water since it's free and it's good for the health."
So this is true. Water for life.
6. Panghimagas meaning "dessert"
Oh no but you don’t want to hear this sentence.
Hindi ako mahilig sa panghimagas. "I'm not fond of desserts."
Well, if you are fond of desserts, here is the sentence you might want to use.
Mahilig ako sa panghimagas. Meaning I am fond of desserts. So, there you go.
Okay. Here is another vocabulary must know for a restaurant which is,
7. Chef. It also means "Chef."
We have this culture now where we have celebrity chef. So you might want to use this sentence.
Sikat ang chef sa kainan na ito. "The chef of this restaurant is famous."
I guess it’s also another way of saying, “the food in this restaurant is going to be expensive.”
8. Masarap "delicious"
Yeah definitely if you want to say that like what you ate, it was very good. Then, you should say it’s masarap.
For example, like you just say it to someone that serves you fried chicken and you really thought it was delicious, then you could say this sample sentence.
Masarap ang fried chicken. "Fried chicken is delicious."
I guess if you just like fried chicken in general, you could also say this or if you’d like to recommend fried chicken in a certain store, then, yeah, please go ahead and use this sentence.
9. Kainan which means "restaurant"
I guess Kainan is just like generally a place where you eat. Sometimes it can be a canteen or a cafeteria. It’s also like a restaurant.
Mahilig ako kumain sa mga murang kainan. "I like to eat at cheap restaurants."
Yeah, I like this too actually like there is some like eateries in the Philippines which are known for like serving like they are called Lutong Bahay which literally means like home-cooked. So, it’s actually just like a house and they have like I guess a big enough area like in the garage or something and then they just like cook like whatever like three sets of main dish and then people just like go there during lunch and it’s very cheap but it’s still like, it has that home cook vibe. So it’s very good.
10. Resibo meaning "receipt"
So you go to a restaurant and you want your company to pay for it. So you might want to ask for that receipt. Your boss might say this to you or like you might have a rule for your company saying,
Laging hingiin ang resibo pagkatapos kumain sa kainan. "Always ask for the receipt after eating at the restaurant."
Do your invoices properly.