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Lesson Transcript

Hi, I am Ice. Welcome to Filipino top words. Today’s lesson is about Top 10 Sad Words. So let’s go.
1. Nababalisa "upset"
Our first word is, Nababalisa. This means "upset"
"Jerry's upset." So in Filipino, it will be, Nababalisa si Jerry.
I guess because Tom is always after him.
2. Saktan "to hurt"
Our next word is Saktan meaning “to hurt”
I don’t know who is Cory and who is Benny but apparently,
Sinaktan ni Cory si Benny. "Cory hurt Benny."
Benny got hurt by Cory. I guess they are not in good relations right now.
3. Nalulumbay "lonely"
Nalulumbay This means "lonely"
Actually this is quite like an old word like it’s kind of poetic even to say Nalulumbay as just it makes it look, it feels very dark. Dark!
So if you have a friend Carmen who is lonely, then maybe you could use this sentence.
Nalulumbay si Carmen ngayon kaya pupuntahan ko siya. "Carmen is lonely now, so I will go to her." You are such a good friend. Carmen is very fortunate to have you. I feel like it’s very good thing to do for a friend who is lonely.
4. Malungkot "sad"
Our next word is, Malungkot meaning “sad”
Malungkot ako kapag wala ka. "I am sad when you're not around."
It’s actually kind of sad and happy to hear that from someone.
5. Miserable "miserable"
Our next one is, Miserable meaning, meaning "miserable"
So it’s actually spelled the same way as miserable but again, we say it as how it is spelled out, Miserable. So for example, you had a report and then it didn’t go well, so you might want to say this.
Magulo ang report namin kanina kaya miserable ang pakiramdam ko. "Our report a while ago was messy; that's why I feel miserable right now."
Yes, you just have to let time heal you and move forward because it’s just a report.
6. Pag-Iyak "to cry"
Our next word is Iyak or pag-iyak meaning “to cry”
Ang pag-iyak ay mahalaga paminsan-minsan para mailabas ang sama ng loob. "Crying is sometimes necessary in order to release our feelings."
I agree with this. Yeah, don’t bottle it up inside. Well, actually yeah because it might come out as something worse. So, let it out as tears.
7. Pinanghinaan ng loob "discouraged"
Pinanghinaan ako ng loob nang mabalitaan ko ang nangyari sa guro natin. "I was discouraged upon hearing what happened to our teacher."
I guess something bad happened to him or her. So that sucks. Sorry, sorry teacher.
8. Nabigo "disappointed"
Our next word is Nabigo meaning "disappointed"
Oh yeah. So for example, you watched Beauty and the Beast and this wasn’t really what you expected. So you might use this sentence.
Nabigo ako sa palabas na Beauty and the Beast. "I was disappointed by the movie Beauty and the Beast."
I wouldn’t disagree to be honest.
9. Hindi masaya "unhappy"
Next sad word is, Hindi masaya meaning “unhappy”
It literally means unhappy like not happy.
For example,
Si Claire ay hindi masaya sa pagkatalo sa Volleyball match. "Claire is unhappy about their loss at the volleyball match."
I guess if you lose any kind of sports, you are not going to be happy. Well, although if you think that you have given it your all, then, you’d still be like at least proud if you are not happy that you’ve done it or something but there is always a next time. Just train harder I guess, Claire.
10. Tinanggihan "rejected"
Our next word is Tinanggihan meaning “rejected”
I guess yeah, that’s a very sad thing to be rejected. Like this example.
Tinanggihan si Troy sa kanyang pag-apply ng bisa. "Troy's application for a visa was rejected."
This is definitely a sad time for Troy. Well, it’s actually very sad if you get to this situation because like Visas have so many requirements and like if you still didn’t get it, it’s just like oh my god, what was I supposed to do. Anyway, I am so sorry to finish this in a very sad note but it is Top 10 Sad Words. So, well, if you have any more sad words you want to know in Filipino, please feel free to comment it in the comments section like we will not abuse and exploit the comments section. So please feel free to go ahead and use it. Anyway, thank you for joining me today. I hope you liked this lesson. Hanggang sa muli