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Lesson Transcript

Hello guys and welcome to Filipino top words. I am Erica and for today, we will learn about the 10 Compliments You Always Want to Hear.
1. Ang gwapo mo. "You're handsome."
Two possible circumstances. First, if the person is really, really handsome. Second, if you want something from that person. So for example, you want something done for you. You go to this person and say,
Oh, Ang gwapo mo! Pwede bang paki tulungan ako?
In English, “You’re handsome! Can you help me with this?”
2. Ang galing mo! Or "You're good!"
But this is very nice to hear, right. If your boss tells you, oh, you are good at what you do. Keep doing it. Then you say, oh thank you, can you raise my salary? Right? So it’s not about you being kind but it’s more about you were able to do something like you excelled at something. So, in sports, for instance or as I’ve said in your job, you were able to do something very nice, then this is a proper compliment. So also if your friend helped you and this friend actually did a very good job for instance, then you would also say, Ang galing mo! Or “you are good.”
3. Mahusay kang kaibigan. "You are an awesome friend."
I don’t really like this type of phrase. And we have more of like a love/hate kind of relationship, so. I mean, it’s good if you actually say this more to people that you are not so close to. Yeah because once you get close to a person, then you can actually insult this person.
Ice: Yeah.
Erica: And that’s more like the kind of friendship that you get like more of like love/hate kind of, right?
Ice: Yeah.
Erica: But then, of course, you want to compliment because compliments actually make you feel nice and when you feel nice, you do things much nicer. So this is like something that you can tell your friend.
“You are an awesome friend.” Mahusay kang kaibigan.
4. Mas maganda pa lalo ang iyong kalooban kaysa sa iyong panlabas na anyo. "Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside."
I think if I [am your friend] I won’t even like this because I want my outside to be more beautiful than my inside because I am very like I don’t care about what you think of me inside as long as you think I am beautiful. I think more people are going to like that one, this. I mean, if you tell this to someone, what would that person say? And this person would probably say, what do you think of me? I am not beautiful on the outside, right? It’s not so nice but you can try. Let’s see how far you’ll go. But it’s actually nice to compliment people, inside.
5. Kahanga-hanga ang iyong resume. "Your resume is impressive."
And this is very helpful when you are… Yeah, you’re being interviewed and if you hear this phrase, then that means you have a good chance of getting the job because that means, your resume is actually very impressive for them but sometimes you know how HR people are right? They just tell you, oh, your resume is very impressive but I am sorry. We found someone with a more impressive resume than you. So if someone tells you, oh, your resume is very impressive, then it also tells you that, okay, you are on the right track whatever you want to be, right? So I think that’s very helpful.
6. Magaling! Or "Great job!"
So you know, great job! So this is a common phrase, common compliment that you will hear. So you can use that in many different circumstances like, like you accomplished something. So if you also troubleshoot something, you are able to do it, then your boss will say, oh, that’s good job or great job, better job, best job.
Ice: Greatest job.
Erica: Best is bestest job.
7. Bagay sa'yo ang jacket na yan. "That jacket looks nice on you."
After you compliment them on the inside, you also compliment them on the outside. Right? But your compliment only goes to the jacket, not for person. You can change jacket into whatever things. Bagay is, it fits you, right. And so when you say Bagay, other than it meaning a thing, right, Bagay also means it suits you. So you can say “that dress suits you.” So Bagay sa'yo ang bistida na yan or “that hat suits you” for whatever reason you’re wearing a hat, right, so… Or “those glasses suit you.” So that’s actually a very useful compliment to learn.
8. Maganda ang taste mo. "You have good taste."
So this is a very nice compliment if someone tells you, oh, you have very good taste in say furniture, right.
F2: Furniture.
F1: Or in clothes or on what’s it? House décor, right. That’s very nice because that means, we use the same word actually taste but usually we just say maganda ang taste mo or Okay ang taste mo. Right? Okay ang taste mo which all means, “you have a good taste.”
9. Maganda ang iyong ngiti. "Your smile is beautiful."
I think you only say this to your perspective partners. You don’t say this to your friends, right? If you say this to your friends, they’ll be like, “what is wrong with you?” Right? So maganda means beautiful. So you can replace ngiti with many other things. So you can say, bag, Maganda ang iyong bag or “your bag is beautiful.” Or,
Maganda ang iyong buhok. Or “your hair is nice.” Right?
Maganda ang iyong damit. Or “your clothes are nice.”
So you can change ngiti to something more appropriate for the occasion. But if you are correcting someone, Maganda ang iyong ngiti can actually help but then whoever you are correcting is going to be like, “what?” I think it will be much better if you say,
Maganda ang ngipin mo. “You have good teeth.”
10. Ang ganda mo. "You look gorgeous."
Or “you look beautiful” or “you look pretty” depending on the level of prettiness, right?
Ang ganda mo which means, “you look gorgeous or “you look beautiful”
Or you can also say, Ang cute mo. Right? Which means, “you look cute.” And you say this like for small people like you are so cute. Right? I have two close friends who are very, very petite and they are really, really cute. They are like my kids. They are so cute. Uh uh! So, if you want to say that she or he is very, very beautiful, then you can just repeat words.
So Ang ganda-ganda mo. Ang galing-galing mo. Right? And then you can change your tone to make it sarcastic. So if you think that this person is actually not really good at this job, but you want to be sarcastic and say, Ang galing-galing mo. I mean we like being sarcastic in Filipino. So, you will hear that a lot.
And that’s it for today’s lesson and I hope you learned something new. Hanggang sa muli