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Lesson Transcript

Erica: Hi everyone. Welcome to Filipino top words. I am Erica and today, we are going to learn 10 Phrases for Surviving Back to School.
1. Let’s look at our first word and it is “backpack.”
In Filipino, you say,
Bakpak right? So if you want to say “backpack”, you say Bakpak.
It’s a less eh it’s like a less ey (letter A) because of the k actually. It kind of sounds a bit rolled, right?
Ice: Oh yeah.
Erica: So Bakpak. So if you want to say backpack, you say Bakpak.
So if you want to ask your friend, “which is easier to carry, a backpack or a shoulder bag?” Then, you say in Filipino, Ano ang mas madaling buhatin, backpack or shoulder bag?
2. So the next word is,
Kaklase or in English, "classmate"
So for example, you have a very beautiful classmate in your school. So in Filipino, you would say,
Sikat ang maganda kong kaklase sa buong paaralan. "My beautiful classmate is popular in the school."
Of course, where we should be popular if she is your classmate, right? If you say, my beautiful friend is popular in the school. Okay yeah, but my beautiful classmate is popular in the school. Yeah, class is like a general, I guess it’s just a term for classmate, right. You don’t use it for any other thing. Just classmates.
3. Okay. So the next word is,
Takdang aralin or "homework"
In Filipino, you would say,
Nakikita ko ang halaga ng hindi pag kopya sa takdang aralin. "I can see the value of not cheating on my homework."
Good for you.
4. Okay. Next word is,
Pagsusulit. It is very important. So remember this. It might come up in your exam.
Ice: Nice.
Erica: Because Pagsusulit means exam. So for example, you want to be really sarcastic to someone who got a high grade in their exam. So you will tell them,
Ang mataas na grado sa pagsusulit ay hindi nangangahulugan na matalino ka. Or in English, "A high grade in the examination doesn't mean you are intelligent."
Hello stupid! I just I have a friend. We are really friends but in high school, he was the valedictorian and I don’t really study in high school but he was a valedictorian and then now, we are always telling him, you only became valedictorian because you are good at memorization. And what’s nice about him is that he admits it.
That’s why we’re still friends.
5. The next word is,
Summer vacation. In English, it is "summer break"
Actually it’s also in English summer vacation but when we say summer break, in Filipino, we don’t use the term summer break but we use summer vacation more, right. In Filipino, you would say,
Masaya ang summer vacation. "Summer break is fun."
Actually in the Philippines, all year around, it’s summer. But it’s not all year around its vacation, no. It’s just summer and usually we have summer vacation from end of March and beginning of April, so in time of the holy week, right. And that’s actually the period when we have the hottest temperature, sometimes around 40, right? 38 to 40. Yeah, so it can get really hot but because we have lots of beaches, there is always some place where you can go. And it’s pretty cheap everywhere you go and so summer break is fun.
6. The next word is,
Paaralan or "school"
Probably like many people, you have high hopes for yourself. So you want to say that you want to enter into a good school. So what you say in Filipino is,
Gusto kong makapasok sa magandang paaralan. "I want to enter into a good school."
7. Next word is,
Pag-aaral or "to study"
Ang pag-aaral ay isang pribilehiyo. In English, "Studying is a privilege."
Whether you think of it as a privilege or as a right or as a responsibility, it’s actually up to you but hopefully you are studying hard.
8. The next set of words are actually phrases/sentences that you will use when you go to school. Or actually you can use it also for different things. You just change some words in it. So, the first sentence is,
Ito ang unang araw ng klase. Or "It's the first day of class."
So you can also use it. If you are working, you can say,
Ito ang unang araw ko sa trabaho or you can also use it for many things, like you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, this is our first day together. So you can say, “it’s our first day together.” Ito ang unang araw namin.
9. So next sentence is,
Pareho tayo ng klase! Which in English is, "We're in the same class!"
This is very useful, actually, if you are very enthusiastic to see your friend that you haven’t seen since summer vacation.
10. The next sentence is,
Anong mga klase ang kukunin mo? "What classes are you taking?"
This is again, I think this is more applicable for college students, right, because in the Philippines, especially, it depends on the university but for example, the University where I went to, UP, right. “Go UP. And I am teaching English.” So usually if you want to be in the same class with your friend, then you ask, what classes are you taking?
That was it for today’s lesson. Hope you learned something new. That was Top 10 Phrases for Surviving Back to School and I hope you can practice and use them with your friends, with your classmates, with your kaklase in your classroom while you are wearing your bakpak. So don’t forget to share with us any thoughts that you might have. Bye bye. Thank you. Hanggang sa susunod. Mali. Hanggang sa muli!

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