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Welcome to the FilipinoPod101 Download Center! Here you can learn how to download our lesson content. All our newest audio lessons are available 100% free to everyone for 3 weeks. Different options are available depending on whether you have an active paid subscription or not.

Free Downloading Options

If you don't have a paid subscription, you have a couple of methods of downloading available to you.

Method 1: Subscribe to our free public feeds using iTunes or Google (limited to the 10 most current episodes).
itunes podcast iTunes (Audio and Video)
google Google (Audio and Video)

Method 2: Add our free public feed to your favorite podcast reader.
audio rss (Audio and Video Public RSS)

Method 3: For PC right-click, for Mac ctrl-click, on the Audio link of the lesson you wish to download and choose the option to save or download the link.

Basic and Premium Feeds

If you have an active Basic or Premium subscription, you have access to the Basic and Premium iTunes feeds. These feeds make downloading lesson content a breeze. These password protected feeds will automatically deliver new lessons and PDFs straight to iTunes or other iTunes compatible feedreaders for you and give you the option of downloading all of the past content as well with a single button click! In addition, the Premium feed will automatically deliver any premium content to you as well such as dialogue-only audio files and lesson review audio files. Please see the Basic and Premium iTunes feeds page for details on how to subscribe to these convenient, time saving feeds.

My Feed (Premium Only)

Premium subscribers now have the power to get exactly what they want at their fingertips. With My Feed, Premium subscribers can tailor their podcast feed to receive only the content they want. It's a simple 3 step process. Choose what lesson types you want. Choose what types of content (audio, PDF, video) you want. Then add your personalized feed to iTunes or other iTunes compatible feedreader, and just wait for the content you want to come rolling in. To get started, please visit the My Feed page.

My Feed